Monday, June 29, 2009

today was my first day back at work and man was I all jacked up!!! i only slept 3 1/2 hours!!! I really hope I can get back on schedule...otherwise I'm gonna end up in the looney bin...if you catch my drift!!!.....soooo,..i got to thinking about a little thing we all did (im sure) back in January...called new years resolutions!!! well mid of the year is almost over and we are going into the second huh...anyways, back to my point...have any of you kept or are still working on your resolutions???!!! huh, for me...totally not!!! I've been bad about layouts....but I've been working on this one...sneaky peeky...(it will be finished soon) and I cranked out my pink ninjas if you haven't played along...what you waiting will be real fun!! I promise!!

Oh! and i love this little guy!!! hes a cutie petutie i won over in Japan!! These are the super cute toys they have in their arcade machines!! and he walks!!!...gotta love that!!!

and yesterday, I had a much needed day!! I spent it at Pink Pineapple! (where else!) and took some classes with who else but my most raddest bud Ally!! She taught an awesome card class and super cute layout class!!! I've taken Ally's classes for like a year and I am super lucky to have her as a friend now!! Shes an awesome super chicky with some awesome talent!! I love her!! Oh!! and you should check out Elsies blog!!...,cause she posted a rad pic of the tattoo she designed for Ally on there!! How cool is that!!!...pretty cool if you ask me!!!

~alrighty, I'm out!!-nelsters

Friday, June 26, 2009

So i've been MIA...not really..i've been in Japan for a week and a half!!! I had the most amazing time!!! Being there was such a happy moment in time!...the only thing i found difficult was the communication which for me is hard because i'm a social butterfly and like to talk to everyone!! The country is so advanced it's amazing!!! I'm not able to post all my pics since i have quite a bit but i will share the gist of it!!

there is a million of vending machines!!...everywhere!!! It's pretty convenient...oh and there are no trash cans in Japan but its super clean...all there is, is recycling bins to recycle your bottles!!

this street is called takeshita's in was raining and there was a million people was so crowded but so fun!!!

here is where we stayed..shinjuku...this was in the daytime..lots of buildings everywhere and jammed packed every square inch!!

here it is at night!! so amazing...each store in japan is at least 5 stories high!! In harajuku they had a Forever21 store that was 4 stories high...and it had a really long line for people to crazy!!!

and these are the girls in harajuku....this is how they get all dolled's pretty cool!! and everyone and i mean everyone in japan is amazingly polite and super nice!!! something we don't have much of here!!

this is a more gothic version!!

and this arcade game was so fun!! it's kinda like guitar hero but you bang on this drum...i was doing pretty well for not understanding the screen!!
and tokyo disney sea was so amazing!! pictures don't do it justice! here is my husband in agrabah..from cool!!
this is shibuya crossing...there are people crossing the streets in all different's pretty insane!!!
this is a window in the junie moon store!! this store has nothing but blythe dolls and blythe was pretty cool!!!
everywhere you go there are alley ways...and they all have shops and restaurants!! pretty fun!! we had some rainy days but mostly it was nice...but it was soooo humid!!! it was one amazing trip but at the end i was getting homesick and im glad to be home!! I'll definitely be going back!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I thought i would be able to post some pics of my trip but unfortunately its a little more complicated than I thought!!! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing Japan is!!! There are so many people, and I mean a lot!!! and they all have a place and purpose to do!!! The fashion, oh my goodness...its to die for!!! All the women dress up here and they all walk around in heels!!! for miles!!!...and all the men wear black business suits and carry briefcases!! It's pretty amazing to watch them!! At night it is so colorful screens showing everything possible....9 stories or more stores!!! And everyone and i mean everyone is very nice here and extremely polite!!!! OH!! and it's against the law NOT to recycle here!!! they recycle everything!!! It's so awesome!!!! And there are Arcade centers everywhere...and they have the coolest games ever!!! I wanted to play all night!!! and they have cool snacks...things that I have never seeen!!!..but real tasty!!! It's awesome here!!! I'll be real sad when i have to leave!!...i can't quite convince my husband to live here yet!!!...I'm in love!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I made it!!! one whole day spent in the air and on bus!!! this place is amazing!! it's a little late so me and the hubbs are gonna grab a bite to eat and get some much needed rest!!! tommorow we are exploring!!! I'll be able to show pics soon!!! Yay!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

This is why I have the coolest friends in the world!!!....they are the raddest ever!!!

Tree Ninjas:
bo-staff and sneaky ninja:
Stealth Ninja:
this must have been the raddest photo shoot ever!! It's awesome to have cool friends!!!

On a sad note, I took my little man to a birthday party today and he was climbing this jungle gym thing in the pic below...and he fell...broke his left wrist :(...he was a total trooper...just sat calmly!!! he get a cool cast!!!

and I'm off to Japan!!!..So excited!! Hopefully i can post while i'm over there!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alrighty!! go over to the pink ninjas blog and check out our second concept!!!~have someone give you a pic and make a layout with it!! me and ally swapped pics of each other and made our selves some butt kickin layout..if i do say so!!! So play along with us and don't forget to share your links!! we are excited to see what you guys come up with!!!

this was my take on
Ally! ~can i say that I absolutely love this pic!! Ally is one rockin chick!!!