Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hi Friends!,,,

Hi Friends!!,, how are you??,,me, as you know, I have been moving, and moving, and moving!!! So I moved, now there are all theses boxes in my new house!! Now, to unpack. Im excited right now, because I got to hang out with two favorite friends!! We went to watch Burlesque, and let me tell you, It was awesome!! I was shocked! So not my type of movie, but I loved it!! It was a perfect night!! So, I got to open my Christmas presents early!! My husband got me a Fuji Instax mini!!! eeeek!! I was so excited!!! I've been taking pics like crazy!! I love it!!! Oh! and I got a Charlie Brown Christmas tree!!,, I will show you soon!!,,okay gotta go for now,,but I'll be back soon! love you all and I miss you!!!!