Friday, January 29, 2010


Okay,,,so as you probably already know,,ally, carrie and myself went to CHA!!!!,,,AHHHHHH!!!!...that's what i have to say about that!!!,,,seriously, it was such an exciting and thrilling adventure!!!,,,to be surrounded by beautiful paper was amazing!!!,,and of course being in good company is always awesome!!!!,,i love my girlies!!! I cannot wait to see what we have in store for pink ninja addicts!!!.... We seriously met some of the raddest people!!!,,,I will be showing you more pics later in the week, but i just wanted to share what my highlight was!!!,,,i have never been starstruck until i met this man!!!,,,Mr. Hambly himself...what an honor,,,oh! and the new yummy!!!...i loved it all!!!

this is him!!...he was soooo adorable,,,i just had to squeeze him!!!
more pics to come!!!

love~miss nely!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

*no fear*

Just wanted to share a layout i did using the *don't get it twisted kit* from Pink Ninja Addicts!!! *no fear*~that is my motto for this. I have a quote that I absolutely love and follow to the fullest,,,,"never fear consequences, hate regrets more than apologies"-nofx,,,i truly love this,,,we exist in the world for such a short time and on borrowed time that in my life i feel i have to take every opportunity that comes my way,,,whether it be traveling to a foreign country where i don't understand the language or something as simple as getting two of the same shirt in different colors,,,i just want to live, live happy,,,and have no fear,,,that is my goal!!!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tommorow is a Fun Day!!!

tommorow is gonna be a fun and happy day!!!~i get to hang out with this girlie and this girlie,,and we get to go to CHA!!!,,,that's right, you heard me,,,CHA!!!,,,eeek!!!,,I am soooo super excited for this!~you see i have never been to one but have always dreamed of going~just imagine, being surrounded by waves and waves of beautiful paper and meeting darling people and just being so inspired by everything and everyone!!!,,,so dreamy. not to mention, i will be in happy company!~i love my girls so much,,,they inspire me so much,,they are lovely and i adore them!!!~~so i have just been drooling over this paper,,,like seriously, and i cannot wait until it is my hands,,, you can check out more at sassafras

I'm sad that they won't be at CHA this year :-(,,,but i still can't wait to play with it!!,,,i'm sure like most of you,,this is my most favorite paper company like ever!!!,,i love everything they make!!,,it's all so delicious!!!

tell me, what is your favorite product coming out???

happy day~love, nely!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pink Ninjas

Hello World!!!,,,if you haven't hopped over to the pink ninjas and checked out our latest inspiration,,,you totally should!!!,,,this time around it is resolutions, black/white photo and pink alphas!!!,,I have a ton of resolutions this year {mostly crafty ones}...and i so hope i can accomplish all of them!!,,,,I really like the idea of rewarding yourself with a present once you complete each resolution,,,i think i better get to writing my resolutions down on paper instead of storing them in my brain,,:-),,,the resolution for my layout was *love*,,,i know, i know,,,kinda cheesy right??,,but i feel i don't tell my husband how much i love him and appreciate all that he really does for me {he does a lot} he stands behind me 100 percent on every crazy dream and idea i have!,,It's true....ask Ally....she has it recorded on her phone as proof...haha..;-) good times, good times with that girly!!!....sooooo, i have to apologize for the poor quality of my see, my scrapbook room is downstairs and i only have one window and not very good real life my layout is pretty colorful!!!,,,but here it is, my brother-in-law took this pic of us when my husband and I were dating!!!...4 years ago!!!, does time fly by or what???,,i really love this picture of us,,it's my favorite like ever!!!!

happy day~nely!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

dirty scraps

there are soo many challenge blogs out there right now, some of them have the most coolest challenges ever,, and this year one of my goals is to try and play along with as many as i can!!! So, I was browsing on miss em's blog and she had a blinkie, intrigued, i checked it out and I loved it!!,, it is brand new, and she is having a just for fun challenge called "my peeve".,,you have to state your peeve and what the positive is from that,,,my peeve is being on time, I don't like to make people wait for me, so i try to always be on time!,,the positive is that instead of it bugging me, I should admire whats around me while i'm waiting. there is so much beauty everywhere!!!~here is my layout..labeled: tick, tock.

happy day~nely!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

*three little birds*~projects

again, if you haven't stopped by pink ninja addicts,,you must!!~we have two of the most yummiest kits ever!!! this is what i have made with my *three little birds* kit!,, I obviously have more projects to complete because there is still so many crafties left in the bag!

besides the glimmer mist, ink and sewing, this layout was made entirely with product in the kit!!!

I also made this cute tiny painting!!~for my birthday, miss carrie gave me these cute tiny, tiny canvases!~so i took one painted it, mod podged some lace from the kit, made a cute flower with the fabric trim and glued this cute little fawn embellishment!! I really, really like these tiny canvases,, i can't wait to make more tiny paintings!!!

have a happy day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am a big fan of sea life, so when I saw this whale plushie painted canvas, I was in love!!! It was like love at first sight! It was handmade by this super cute girly ,, and she has other ones in her etsy shop!!!,,,i have my eye on that camera!!,,it's sooo darn cute!! I love when something is handmade because you can feel the love that went into it!!! and etsy, well etsy is just so darn cute, I just want to squeeze it!!! So if you have a minute or two, hop on over there and check out her cute little shop!!!!,,,thanks again kris!,,,i love him!!!

oh! and today i sported this short do!,,i really like it!!!,,my husband is such a fan of short, short hair and for the longest time he has been bugging me to chop it all off!!!...when i was younger i sported short hair for a long time and loved it!,,but as i grew older it got longer and wasn't balsy to cut it that short again!,,,but right now, i'm kinda feeling it!!,,what do you think??,,you can be honest,,my feelings seriously don't get hurt!,,i'm good with criticism!!

have a happy day~Nely!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Oooohhh Yeeeaaahh!!!!,,,,our first born is up and ready to rock twenty ten!!!~we wanted to start the new year with a fresh new start! so we have a new freaking awesome design created by this girly, brand spanking new inspirations that are gonna blow your mind, and last but not least,,a brand spankin new design team!!! We have also created an art walk for this blog!! this is a place where we can showcase the creations created by everyone that plays along! We love you so much for playing along that we want you to have your own little spot in our ninja family!!! I cannot tell you how beyond excited I am about this!! I feel so warm and fuzzy inside and I cannot wait to see what our awesome girls are gonna create!!! It's gonna be such an awesome year!! I can feel it! Hop on over to the pink ninjas blog, check out our girls and play along with us!

I heart all of you~nely!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

*don't get it twisted*

here it is! because we like to start of with a bang, we decided to post two kits!,,you know us,,go big or go home!! This kit titled *don't get it twisted*~title inspired by gwen stefani is inspired by all things crafty!!, so in it you will find buttons, spools, sewing machines, yarn, the whole kit and kaboodle!!! I love it so much and we worked our butts off!!!,,don't forget to hop on over to pink ninja addicts to purchase your very own!!,, we promise you won't be dissapointed!!!,,scouts honor!!!

thank you, thanks~nely:D

Saturday, January 2, 2010

*three little birds*

Ally & myself were soooo EXCITED!!!,,,when our secret dream became a reality!!! The entire process has been one amazing adventure. Picking out papers, trims and embellishments was so yummy!!! After some super duper late nights, all day shopping trips, several emails and tons of coffee, our little baby was born! Inspired by woodgrain, gnomes and mushrooms we created *three little birds*~title inspired by bob marley!....we were super honored and beyond excited to have none other than miss elsie as our guest designer!!!,, I mean seriously??!!,,c'mon,,life cannot get any better than this!!!,,,so take a moment, hop on over to pink ninja addicts and check out the delicious kits!!!~we have two,, I will feature the other one tommorow!!!~

thank you, thank you~nely :D

Friday, January 1, 2010