Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday Fun!!

Yesterday was my nieces birthday and we had loads of fun and laughs!! We were all waiting to see this cake that my brother created (hes a stay at home dad). So he came up with this wonderful idea to bake a cake for her daughter...this coming from a man that has never baked!!! so we were a little worried with what the cake would look at....needless to say, it came out super adorable and was made with lots of love!!! We were all very impressed with his baking!!!
she absolutely loved it and put out the candle with her little hands!!! We were freaking out, but she was just laughing!!!
After cake fun we decided to tape my nephews nose up to his forehead and tape his eyebrows know like a ended up looking like the grinch or a who from whoville...we were rolling on the ground laughing!!!
Then we decided that that wasn't enough so we stuffed him with pillows and blew him up like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka...LOL!! It was hysterical..we threw him on the ground and he was unable to get was pretty funny!!! and he was having a blast!!! Overall, it was a pretty fun time spent with family!!! I loved it!!!

Oh! and my niece was wearing this super cute bow on her head...I loved it!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm completely flustered right now!!! I never knew my wonderful day could be turned into a dark gloomy one!!! I was completely blindsided!!! I've never had anyone be so mean to me!!! I won't go into any specific details, but i saddens me that people can be so cruel!!! I feel that they are not happy in their lives so they wish the same upon everyone else..sad :( All I have to say to them is life is too short!!! There is no absolute reason why anyone needs to be mean....uggghh!!! Sorry everyone..I know this is suppose to be a happy blog but man, totally caught me by surprise!!! I'm so thankful to have the awesome happy people in my life!!! I love all my happy people!!
Today my little niece turns the big 1!! We had high hopes that she would be walking by now, but no dice!! I think she is gonna be a very free spirited girl :) We get to enjoy a fun cake that my brother is gonna bake for her..we'll see how that goes...LOL!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I know, I know...I'm constantly gushing about this awesome girly girl!!! How could I not though!! I am completely obsessed with buying her kits and going to her classes!! Not to mention that she is the coolest chickadee ever :) I have purchased every single one of her kits and every single one of them will have absolutely everything you need...she is currently doing layouts, and I have to say, these are about the funnest layouts I have done!! She includes all sorts of doodads and textures to play with!! When you open the kit and look at everything, you can tell that they are made with lots of love,love, love!!! Not to mention her most awesomeness spirit..she is always so bubbly and smiley!!! Oh, and her classes at the PINK...the best ever!! Always soooo much fun!!! She is so organized and always gives you a little thank you gift...which are the cutest ever!! So if you are ever in the area you should definitely take one of her classes and if you can't, just buy a'll see what I mean!!!

I love Happy people and she is definitely a happy people!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Layout!!!

Ok, so I've been totally behind on keeping up with my blog (not that too many people read it). But I bought some awesome layout kits from the most awesomeness Ally!! They are super duper easy to construct!! I had a ton of fun making it!!! She absolutely gives you everything to put it together so it has made me get that much closer to my 365 layouts..I'm at 3 right now!! (kinda behind) hehe!! Did I mention that they are Dr. Seuss themed!!! which is like a total bonus..yea!!!

You even get thread to sew your pages!! awesome!! I don't know about everyone but I know that scrapbooking is something to let me get away from the daily grind!! Scrapbooking makes me feel at peace. Even when I'm super drained I'll make a page and it makes me all happy inside...i love it!!

On another note..just a couple of weeks to NOFX concert!!! Yess!!! So excited!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Special Delivery!!!

Today when I got home, there was this huge package that came in the mail for me!!! It was all the wonderful kits I ordered from Ally!! Her kits are just filled with all sorts of doodads!!! I love how much detail she puts into them...they are my most favoritest!!! Loves them!! she also has layouts now!!! she has super cute Dr. Seuss themed ones..awesome!! I'm so excited..I can't wait to put them all together!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


My first layout of the year!! Sorry guys, my camera isn't the greatest...but I hope you get the gist!! My desk is covered with black velvet flock!!! So messy but soo much fun!!

Love the Rain!!

Just love the rain!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Day!!

Such a beautiful day!! this morning I was on Jennifer Priests blog and she had wonderful ideas to get yourself motivated to scrap more often!! There was one where you do a layout a day...I thought, how awesome would that be! you could have an album done in no time:) I also liked the challenge one...I'm on the search for websites that posts if anyone know of any, please let me know!!! With that, I'm off to the Pink Pineapple to get some needed supplies and maybe some extra goodies!! Love that's a happy place!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

2008 is now passed and we are on to 2009!!! It's like we are given a new slate each year!! It's pretty awesome!! For this year I am definitely going to simplify!! With "you know what" going on in the world right now, I definitely need to simplify!! In my everyday life I run around like a mad woman!!! Going here, there, everywhere...I want to stop for a few minutes and just take a minute to absorb the moment!! This past year I got introduced to scrapbooking and I completely fell in love!!! I found that when I am under super high stress making a layout or a book brings me peace! So this year I want to get more involved with it and do it on a more regular basis!! I want this year to just be calm, peaceful and fun!!! I feel very inspired and creative!!! I'm also gonna start knitting again...Yay!! Can't wait! This will be a good year for sure!!