Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I will ALWAYS be a minor at heart!!!,,

just wanted to share some pics showing the fun things I do in my spare time!!,,you see, I have this bestie, her name is Ally. When we get together, watch out!!,, if my drink has been sitting to long, she always asks me, "do you need a nipple for that drink?". well the other night, she did just that, got me a nipple!,,lol. So i sported her sons buzz lightyear wings and drank my jack & ddp out of a baby bottle. i seriously, always want to stay a kid at heart! I don't ever want my spirit to get old,, because I'm only living this one life, and I have to enjoy every second of it!!!,,happy tuesday!!


Monday, October 25, 2010

current dreams,,,

Yesterday, I woke up in a super happy, feel good mood! I'm not sure what it was, but I just felt good, happy for who I was and the life that I live. I took a drive and my brain started daydreaming,,

at some point, I would really, really, really, love to dye my hair red.
i want my mouth to be full of this stuff,, i love it,,
i would really love to live or at least stay in one of these one day,,
i want this to be my backyard,,,
and I want my home to be filled with these,,

ahhh, a girl can dream, can't she?
(all pictures were courtesy of we heart it)

love, nely

Monday, October 18, 2010

comfy cozy,,,

comfy cozy is the newest prompt from the project monday girls. I must admit, i'm really liking these prompts. Mostly because I'm trying to learn my camera and the prompts are a great way for me to try and capture moments. For me, comfy cozy is a piping hot mug of green tea, with a squeeze of lemon and some sweet honey,, and I have to say, that I am absolutely loving this weather right now. It's perfect blankie weather!!,,have a great Monday everyone!!!,,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


here is part two of my 4x6 mini layout series,,, come by tommorow for the last part!!,,love you all!!


Monday, October 11, 2010

monday, monday,,,

the beginning of a new week,, we have entered the second week of october,,man, how time flies! Before you know it we'll be stressed out trying to purchase those last minute christmas gifts!!! alright, alright,,let's not stress out yet!! How was your weekend?? what fun adventures did you go on?? I had a super chill weekend. Saturday, was by far my favorite!! I spent the day with my bestie, riding our bikes all day long!! I can't even begin to tell you how lucky I am to have a friend like her,,we are seriously two peas in a pod!!,, so last week i made these 4x6 mini layouts using the *she wolf* kit! I have to say, i'm in love with the 4x6 layout!! It's something different and Im having fun with it!!!,,, here's the first of the three mini's,,,*love*,,,I used the hambly clear overlay as my background and stacked embellishments on top of it!!,, i really like how it turned out!!!

and here is my photo for the latest prompt over at project monday!,,,this weekend it was tradition. my tradition every year is getting pumpkin with these kiddos! I grabbed their pumpkins yesterday and we went in my moms back yard and took some pics,,let's just say this is the best one i could get!!!,,so what's your tradition??

have a happy monday!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

my second birthday,,,

ahhhh,,it's thursday!,,that means I'm only one day away from Friday and the weekend is near!!! I love the weekends! I wanted to share a layout I recently made. I made it for the pink ninja addicts using the latest kits! I love that it's titled *she wolf*!!,,it's only my all time favorite video and song from shakira!!,, I wish I could master some of those moves in the video!! *secret*,,me and my bestie use to practice the moves when the video first came out!!..let me just say our husbands said we needed a lot more practice!!,,pfft,,what do they know!!,,it was definitely fun!!,,okay back to my layout!! I started off by using the white glitz paper as my background,,you can't see it in the pick but it has a design on it. I glimmer misted in black and red. i then took the envelope, paper and teresa collins chipboard pieces and started layering!! using the envelopes was my favorite part!!,,and I super love, love, love that plaid paper!!,,and I die for those prima sparkle centers!!,,and the cute star cabochon...love it!!,,my bestie went on a treasure hunt and found them!!,,i love them!!,,there's also a hot pink/black one in the kit!! At first, I have to admit I was a little intimidated by the red and black,,but after altering the paper and elements around,,i just made it my own,,,and i love that!!,, all we need is some creativity juice flowing!!,,,the pic in this layout is a polaroid taken on my second birthday!!,,,here's *2*,,,

have a happy thursday!!
love, nely

Sunday, October 3, 2010

fall day,,,

fall is here, and for me that means a visit to the pumpkin patch! Every year we visit Bates Nut Farm. We buy some corn kernels, feed the animals, eat some yummy, bad for you, but tastes so good food and pick out some pumpkins!! It was a fun adventure running through the patch trying to find the perfect pumpkin. It was a fun relaxing day,,,i loved it!

why the picture of the sandals you ask??,,, well some sweet friends have come up with these picture prompts to get your imagination rolling. I thought it was a super cute idea, and found myself thinking all weekend about what prompt. So, i don't really have some legit fall shoes,,I live in my sandals all year round,,plus it was hot today,,,so this is what i came up with!!,, thanks carrie & gloria!,,love this idea,,can't wait till next Friday!!!

happy fall,
love, nely

Friday, October 1, 2010

playing catch up,,,

so a lot has gone on in my life,,,september came and went with a blink of an eye,,, we put our condo up for sale,, and a very nice lady bought it!! {well, technically it's not hers yet cuz we still have to go thru the whole process of appraisal, inspection,,etc.,,etc.,,}, so hopefully, fingers crossed, everything goes smoothly!!,, September was my husbands 30th birthday!,,he is sooo, so, so calm. I wanted to do some crazy thing and go on some crazy thing and all he wanted was to swim with whale sharks and vacation in palm springs. So off we went, caught a plane to Atlanta, spent 4 days there, came back drove to Palm Springs where we rented a house,, baked and swam in the pool for 4 days!!,,let me tell you, for me, this was very, very hard!!! Anyone that knows me, knows how restless and full of energy I am! to sit by the pool 24 hours a day and do nothing was extremely hard for me! I got cranky from it and my husband couldn't understand why i couldn't just relax,,but it's just not my nature. All in all, it was a great vacation, and Im super happy my husband had a wonderful time!,,

here he is backstage, ready to go into the tank!!,, it's cool, you can see the whale sharks swimming up top,, they are so friendly,,,

and i really want one of these as a pet,,,
one of the many sharks in the tank,,,a hammerhead shark came underneath my husband!!,,it was cool,,my husband got scared and jerked, so the shark got scared and swam away,,
and here are the whale sharks!!,,they are awesome!!,,this one was 24 feet long!!!,,in the ocean they grow anywhere from 30 to 35 feet!,,can you imagine swimming in the water and this guy swimming up to you???,,

and last, but not least!,, pink ninja addicts has released their newest kit!!,,*she wolf* the main kit, is perfect for this halloween season!!,,
here is the add-on kit,,*venice queen*
stay tuned for some layouts i created using this kit!!

happy fall,,,