Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Okay, so I went back on 52 sketches, 52 weeks and looked for old sketches!! I found this sketch and did my version of it!! I have to admit this is a lot of fun!! And you can create these babies in no time!! Oh, and did I mention that my friend Ally is on the design team!!! Um, yeah i know I have cool friends!!! lol!

Heres the sketch:

Heres my take:

Monday, March 30, 2009

So this past Friday I went to the Royal themed crop at the pink!! It was hosted by Elena and jennifer priest from Scrapbook royalty.I got to hang out with my favorite girlies Ally and Jessica!!! We goofed around all night, it was pretty much great!! So Ally got this super awesome tattoo, OMG!, I adore it!! Create in Elsie's handwriting...whats not to love!!

then, i got to see jessicas tattoo!! Omg! its pretty awesome!! I'm so jealous of her sewing machine...it's super cool!!I am so inspired to get one!!
and,...so I wouldn't feel left out, I got my very own tattoo!!! Personally done by my most favoritest scrapbooker in the world...Ally!! It's in her handwritting!! Isn't it great??!! I love it so much, I wish it didn't wash out..lol!! When I grow up I want to be as creative as she is...aahh!!

towards the end of the crop we kinda got back to business and did some layouts...i made this one using the jillibean paper line. It's simple but I love it!!

then i got to use Jessicas super rad picture printer and made this layout!!

I have to say hangin out with these two girlies definitely makes for an awesome time!!! they are silly just like me and it's what I love about them!!
I entered my first challenge blog ever!!! talk about adrenaline rush!! so my awesome friend Ally is on the design team for 52 sketches 52 weeks...so i felt inspired by her and decided to submit something...I never like to do this because I get shy that no one will like it (i think i'm just afraid of rejection) but anyhow, it was super awesome and fun doing it!!! I did sketch #13. I kinda didn't completely follow the sketch, but i did my take on it...i just switch the title and the photo!!

this was the sketch:

and this is my layout:

can't wait for the next challenge!! fun, fun, fun!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Time

I spent all Saturday planting a garden!! It was so much fun and more work than I thought!! I've been wanting to plant a garden for such a long time but I didn't have dirt in my pation...so when our house flooded, they had to rip up half of the deck to do repairs and I was so excited because there was dirt!!! It wasn't good dirt, so i had to have my expert mom come over and help me!! I would have never guessed that i had to buy dirt from the store and incorporate it with the dirt i had!! in the pic the grey dirt..that's what i had and my mom turned it to that pretty brown dirt!! awesome! I was happy she was there to help me...I would have given up!! Even my nephew came!! he even has a little shovel of his own!!! he knew more about gardening than me!!! and he's only 4!!! didn't i feel dumb!! anyhoot, it came out super cute and I'm super excited to watch it grow!! I planted lettuce, carrots, peas, jalapenos, tomatoes and watermelon!!! Hopefully the bugs and birds don't eat them!! he, he!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ME!!!! I'm going to see NO DOUBT in concert!!! YES!!! I am so excited!!! My tickets have arrived and I am locked and loaded to attend their show in San Diego!!! I was gonna try and go to Irvine show as well, but since I shelled out a pretty penny for these ones I figured I should be content...plus it's not like I haven't seen them...AAAHHH!!! I'm so excited!!! for anyone that knows me, knows how much I am in love with Gwen Stefani and No Doubt!!!! I'm also excited because my friend agreed to go with me and she's not even a big fan..Thanks friend for being an awesome friend!!! Now i get to sream like a teenage girl when I see them!!! Woot Woot!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I've mentioned a few times that I'm part of scrapbook club at the Pink!! Every month they give us a kit and we have to create something...this month, they gave us the bungle jungle line from sassafrass. So since it's kinda kid themed I decided I was gonna make building blocks!..you know like the ones we all had when we were little that had the alphabet...but on mine I spelled out my name!! I totally adore the way they came out!! This is a big accomplishment for me because I've been a part of book club for a couple cycles now, and I never really do anything with the kit. this time I was super inspired...i think i'm gonna add pics of me when I was little on the sides of them...smile..so happy!! Everything you see on the blocks came in the kit!! Super rad!!
the rosette I made behind the "e" are actually cupcake liners..adorable..right??!! thanks Elena for making super rad kits!!! You always put so much heart into them!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've decided that I'm gonna try and use up all the paper i have!! we'll see how far I get..here i'm using the sassafras paper that I love so much...I don't think anyone can ever not like sassafrass..they make the cutest paper in the world!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yay!! this weekend i finally got my pic of me and smiley from NOFX!! I love this pic because it has a good memory behind it!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

a while ago i was in this rut and i couldn't come up with anything creative...so i went on a little adventure with my husband, brother and nephew to get me inspired...we didn't know where to go and somehow we ended up at the grand canyon!! OMG!! this place was amazing!! It is nature at it's best!! We were blown away!! Everyone always tells us, oh it's just a canyon no big deal...YEA RIGHT!!! you literally can't absorb it all in...you just stop and think about how earth created this..all on it's own!!! Awesome!! we got there and of course we had to stop right away and take a peek!! this is what you see!! i mean the pic does it no justice! here there is a rail, but thru most of the park there is no railing so your just inches from a 5000ft drop!!
we were lucky to find a campsite on the park..i didn't know but it's a busy season, and we had to stay two nights!! We were in freezing degree weather!!! in the morning we would wake up and there would be ice on our tent!! Our water was completely frozen!!! We originally took seperate tents, but in the end we all ended up huddling together!!

our site was awesome...there was nothing but trees around you!! so beautiful!!
there was elk everywhere!! we also saw deer!! they were so close and not at all afraid of us!! we didn't pet them or anything but they let you stand close and watch them!! so neat!!

On our second day we decided we were gonna go on a hike!! no big deal, you walk down a trail then you come back...yeah right!! this trail descended you down into the canyon!! Apparently it takes a day for you to get all the way to the bottom and one day to come back up! We weren't prepared so we only hiked a third of the way!! it was just spectacular! Here we stopped at a view point..where we are sitting is the edge!!! there is no rail..you can't see but i'm holding onto my nephew with a deadly grip!! My poor husband was standing way back about to have a heart attack because we were taking this pic!!
here is where we are just starting the trail..there is no rail just cliff!! but amazing views!! we just kept going down...it was a lot of fun and my nephew is 5, he was a trooper!! He loved it!! the only thing scary is that he would run to look over and we would freak out...i think we had death grip on him the whole way down!! we decided that we are coming back next year and hiking it all the way down..we weren't prepared this time but we will be the next!!

On our way back we stopped at this cute place called bedrock city...omg! it was a little flinstone town!! the houses were made of rock and everything!! It was so cute!! Here we are driving the flinstone car!!!
i got to play on a teeter totter!! i haven't played on one of these since i was a kid!!
we also stopped at this place!! my nephew thought it was a UFO...it is actually someones home!!! They have an alien theme going in their yard...it was pretty neat to see and the people that lived there were really nice too!!

Overall, it was an awesome trip!! totally got me inspired and rejuvenated!! i would recommend it to anyone!!
Here is what I've been working on...they are in the beginning stages and I can't wait to finish them!! soon, I hope!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

so i've been part of a scrapbooking club that is hosted by fairy elena at the pink pineapple...and every meet we get a kit filled will all sorts of goodies...it's kinda like when you order a monthly kit..but this is better because you get to interact and brainstorm!! Sooo, this month we got a kit filled with cute sassafras paper and all these really cute fixings~(your prob wondering why i'm telling you all this)) Well what happened was as soon as I left the store, I was like "BAM" i know exactly what i'm gonna do!! I'm so excited about it...and again your prob like "who cares" but i never do anything with my kit because i don't know what to do with it, but this time it just hit me!! so the minute i got home i started working on it...the first pieces of it are put together and i'm so proud of them!!! i promise i will give a sneek peek...so exciting!! On another note:: i had the craziest time at home depot and lowes...i didn't know picking out tile and a vanity would be so much work!! At least i have it now and i can put my house together again!!! Oh and wood samples are coming tommorow!! Yesss!!! Soon i won't have to step on concrete!! woot woot!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

OUT OF THE RUT!!! Yes!! I went to Pink Pineapple for my monthly book club meeting and oh my goodness..as soon as you walk into the store you just feel so inspired!!! They have layouts upon layouts that designers have made..super cute!! not to mention all the cool paper and embellies...it's all to die for!! love it!! So in the book club, hosted by Fairy Elena, you get a monthly kit, and ooohh my goodness!!, this one is packed with stuff I super adore!!! it's all this cute japanese, kawaii themed stuff...oohh, im so in love!! I already know what I'm gonna do with it and I just can't wait to get started!!! some of the ladies were telling me that they stay up till 4 in the morning scrapbooking..OMG!! Go ladies!! I wish I could do that...i mean, i can but i don't think patients at work would appreciate it..lol...i'll have to try it one of these weekends!! back to book club: i had to make tags, all of them matchy...okay, i have never made tags and it was soo much fun...i just want to keep making them!! so this is what I came up with::

and this is what my space looked like after making them...umm yea..can i get a housekeeper!! cleaning up is not as much fun as creating things!!!

Oh!! one last thing...can i get a WOOT, WOOT!! for Missy Ally!!! She got on the Punk Scrappers
design team...AWESOME!!!! Go Chicky!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm in a RUT!!! ugh!! I totally feel uninspired...i buy and buy all this cool stuff to scrapbook but I just dont have the creativity to put it together. I see awesome people like this chicky and this other chicky just put awesome creations together and I can't seem to find my style. Ever since i was a little girl i loved making crafts...i didn't have a playhouse, so i made one out of cardboard boxes..I don't know how many times i broke my moms sewing machine when I was making barbie clothes or clothes for myself...I was mexican martha stewart to my friends...i've made all my halloween costumes...now, i feel like im stuck...i come in my scrapbook room and i just stare at all the stuff.. my sewing machine sits in its box...it feels like I'm losing my creativity.. so i've decided im taking a mini vacation with my husband and family..where there is nothing but mountains and nature...hopefully i can clear my head and get back into my zone!! It would really suck to not be creative anymore!!