Saturday, September 26, 2009

heeeeyyy!!!~this past wednesday our newest inspiration went up over at the pink ninjas!!!~Addictions!!!......we have the raddest ninja team that are full of inspiration for you to play along!!!,,,and if you haven't played along,,(ahem),,,what are you waiting for!!!~We are a super duper fun inspiration blog!~and it's for fun and tons of inspiration!!! so go ahead and give it a whirl!!!~oh and did i mention, we are really nice too and tons of fun!!!,,,so no more excuses, get your paper out and start creating!!!~and sooon we will have a most awesome reveal!!! Ally and myself have picked our new design team and soon they will show you there ninja ways!!! so stay tuned!!! eeek,,so excited!!!
so all that being said, i'm addicted to collecting dunnys!!!,,this girly showed this girly, which showed me these cute rad little guys!!!~when you buy them, they come in what they call a blind you don't know which guy your getting~~and then each one is enclosed in a little shiny silver pouch!! and all this emotion and anticipation builds up to see which one is in there!!!'s so much fun and very addicting!!!~~love them!!!!

on this layout i used the little i.d. cards that come with each dunny and behind the photo is the shiny silver pouch they come in!!,,,,and wanna hear something crazy,,,i made this layout in 10 minutes!!!...boy, talk about pressure!!! hehehe!!!

peace~nelsters (a.k.a. ninja master nely)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the other day, i realized that best friends come in all shapes and sizes!!,,,,and that you can totally have more than one bff!!...she's my fave!!

Today, me and this rad girly picked out our new design team for the pink ninjas!!!,,,stay tuned,,,we will soon reveal our master ninja plan!!!,,,being a ninja master is the most awesome feeling!!,,,words cannot explain!!!

Yesterday, this precious little dude came into the world!!,,,he is sooo warm and cuddly!!! so tiny and smelled so wonderful!!!,,,made me want one so bad,,,but then my husband brought me back to earth!!! :-)

and for about a month now i've been obsessing over making a quilt!!....this girly is so awesome at making them and totally inspired me to get cranking!!!...we soon have a date for a group of us to get together and make an awesome snowball quilt!!!,,can't wait!! I am not kidding when i say i have been obsessing!!,,,i've been on you tube 24/7 looking for tips and ideas!!! I closed myself in my little scrap room and went at it!!...i went to the fabric store and got some fabric and decided to make a "mock" quilt...haha!!..this is how it turned out:::
i know it looks big, but it's actually really small!!!,,,,then, I got really brave and decided to do a slightly bigger one,,,,i was so inspired by jess mermaid quilt, i made a small one of my own!!! of course, not as good as hers, since i'm only practicing, but i like how it turned out!!!,,,so jess, I cannot wait to make the snowball quilt!!!..i thought that by practicing it would make me less nervous to make a quilt with you, but i'm still nervous!! are the quilt master and i'm intimidated by the snowball quilt!!!,,but i know i can do it!!,,,plus, you'll be there to help me!!!,,I'm so excited and can't wait!!! brother pieced this mermaid quilt for me!!!..he pretended he wasn't into it but he was!!!,,now i'm putting him on blast!!!,,love you bro!!!

thats it for now~peace ninja nely

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ATC madness!!!

i have signed up for various atc swaps with the lovely miss ally!!!...this time around it's glitter themed and alice in wonderland themed!!!..I have to say these were a bit challenging for me,,,none the less here they are!!!

glitter A:
Glitter B:
Alice in Wonderland:
I have a couple more swaps, but can't show you those yet!..stay tuned!!!

<3~ninja nely

Sunday, September 13, 2009

So i have had one hell of a week!..hence, the lack of blogging!!!..but i feel good now, this new week is gonna be a good one..i can feel it!! i have two things to talk about!!

First: we over at pink ninjas had our newest bff is my husband!!!..and i know to most people right now are like your husband can't be your bff!!!..but in all reality, he really is!!..I've known my husband since we were 5 yrs old!!..he is the only person that really knows me inside and out!!! here is my layout!!!

Secondly,....drum roll please,,,,,over at the pink ninjas we have hit 100 followers!!! can't even believe how exciting this is for us!!..we are seriously jumping for joy!!..we can't thank our awesome followers enough!! all are freaking rad!!!~we are also having a random challenge, so hop on over there and play along!!..heres my take:

TTYL~ninja nely!

Friday, September 4, 2009

what's going on in the blog world?!?

due to the results of the twix vs. shockers contest i am forced to take over this blog.

the following items are the samix keys to life regarding food:

1. shockers and nerd rope rule over all other peanut-butter-brittle-fetti-chocodile-barfo bars out there.

2. eat yogurt every day except peach... never peach... it smells like puke

2a. scrape out every last drop of yogurt from the stupid yoplait cups, almost like they made it that shape to say 'haha f you, you can't get your tongue / spoon / finger in this crevice for the last globs of pomegranate - blackberry'

3. use a small spoon, never the oversized spoons that fit neither in the stupid yogurt cup nor your mouth

4. put hot sauce on everything: pizza, sandwiches, spasketti, chips, hot dogs, steak, chicken, and anything remotely labeled as mexican food

4a. tabasco doesn't count, don't even put it on the table, don't even bring it in the house

4b. clippers games have gigantic jugs of tapatio, why do i not?

5. jack in the box chicken sandwiches require a minimum of 4 hot sauce packets per chicken sandwich, anything less and you might as well throw it in the trash
that is all........for now

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So if you haven't hopped on over to the pink ninjas their new prompt is up!!!..this time around its Secrets!...oooohhh!!!!...don't we just love secrets, they are so much fun!!...and we all have them!!! is my layout!...I'm gonna be the first to admit that i dislike this layout!!!...i did a very rush job on it and it came out terrible!!!..even my husband dissapproved...geeez, bam pow in my face!!!...maybe that's because he knows my secret now..hahaha!!! don't be shy play along!!...oooh and don't forget that we are doing a design team call!!!!

okay, and and my husband are having strong opinions about which candy is the BEST!!!....i of course love PB Twix...they are my fave, and so hard to find!!!...He loves Shockers!!..sour candy that puckers your mouth..lame!!! he decided that I should post this on my blog and fellow bloggers could vote and let me know which candy is the best!!!

so if he wins...he wants imperial beer (it's his fave)
If i win, i get to go to extraordinary desserts!!!
may the best man/woman win!!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Storage and Design Team Call!!!

first things first!...over at our awesome inspiration blog the pink ninjas!...Ally and I are doing a "hear ye, hear ye" for a design team call!!!...So hop on over there for all the info!!!.....and don't be shy...if you think you got it, flaunt it!!!

Secondly, do you ever wonder how people store their layouts???...cuz i certainly do!!!..for me the pages start getting bulky and they dont fit in the albums! currently this is how i'm storing my layouts!!!...i obviously need to come up with a better plan, so I would looooovvvee if you guys could send me tips on how to store these babies!!

peace, nelsters~!