Monday, August 30, 2010

*Ally's Birthday*

as you all may know, my sweet bestest friend turned *30*!!! we have been celebrating all weekend!! yesterday, sunday, we had a relaxed scrapbooking birthday get together. It turned out perfect!!,,the sun was out, there was a cool breeze and we were in great company!! For her birthday we thought it be neat if we got everyone to be part of her birthday, I emailed pictures to some lovelies and they made the most amazing layouts for miss ally!!!,,,she was so happy and touched!!,,she loved it!!,,thank you to all who participated,,it meant a lot, a lot!!!

here is miss ally and miss carrie
miss carrie creating ally's bday layout...
okay, this amazing cake was created by miss carrie and miss gloria!!,,it was delicious and it was beautiful!!,,the inside was rainbow!!,,that's right rainbow!!,,it was perfect!!

and here are the most beautiful pages everyone sent to ally!!,,so awesome!!



me, nely
seriously, thank you all!!,,it's such a wonderful feeling to have met some truly awesome people in the blog world!!,,i feel so much closer to you all!! thank you, thank you!!


Thursday, August 19, 2010


All I have to say is,,,thank goodness it's Friday!!!,,and although that is codeword for drink mega beers,,truth is i have been drinking mega beers through the week!!!,,I had a softball game on wednesday and totally lost!!,,so what do you do to cheer yourself up???,,,drink carlsberg beers!!!,,,Yeah!!,,,Sunday, i have another softball game,,,hopefully i can win this one!!,,,,tonight,,i had din din with a friend who really wants me to play on their Friday league!!,,ahhh,,,can i really play softball 3 times a week??,,,i dunno!!,,im thinking about it!!!,,,cuz i love people,,and i love, love,,making new friends!!!!!,,,i really do!!,,it's soooo fun!!!,,,and sidenote,,,i think I've said this a million times,,,but,,i really love, love, love that my bestie is back!!,,i missed her sooooo much and felt so incomplete without her!!!!,,,alright, alright everyone!!,,I hope you have a rad weekend!!!!!!,,,mine is booked to the brim!!!!,,,love you all!!!,,


Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Bestie!!!

Happy Birthday to the bestest bestie ever!!!,,today she turns 30!!!!,,,I am so lucky to have her as a friend. I met allyson joy about two years ago when I took one of her card classes and she has turned out to be my bestest friend in the whole wide world!!,,,she is truly an awesome amazing person and feel super lucky that she is my friend!!,,,she is pretty much my partner and in crime and i love her to pieces!!,,she is pretty much the raddest chick I know!!!,,So bestie,,i hope you have the most special day ever!!,,today is your day!!,,love you lots and Happy Birthday!!!!,,,can't wait to celebrate!!!!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sassafras Fun!!!

We, pink ninja addicts are being featured on the sassafras blog!!!,,,i pretty much LOVE sassafras and everything they come out with!! they have the greatest imagination!!!,,and we are doing a cute little contest where you have a chance to win one of our kits!!!,,,all you have to do is visit the pink ninja addicts blog and leave a comment guessing which sassafras paper is our all time favorite!!!,,,good luck everyone!!!

loves, nely

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Friday!!

the weekend is here!!!,,,yay!,,im excited!!,,here is the newest sketch from sketchy thursdays!!,,and of course my take below it!!! I made the layout with some pics of my most favoritest shoes in the world,,,vans!!!,,i love them!!!,,hope everyone has a rad weekend!!!


Monday, August 2, 2010

We are at it again!!!

It's Monday, it's a brand spanking new month and you know what that means?!?!!,,,it means a brand spanking new kit is up and ready to knock your socks off over at pink ninja addicts!!!,,,wooot, wooot!!!,,can you tell im excited??!!!,,cuz I am!!! I just wanna say that i LOVE our newest kit,,,awesomely titled *sweet escape*!!! This kit is full of rainbows, stars and hearts!!!,,,I love it and hope you do too!!!!

*the sweet escape* scrapbook comes with,,,
*ten pattern papers
*one speciality paper {red flocked polka dots}
*one set american crafts thickers
*one package softie charms from ki memories
*one package bella blooms from bella blvd
*twelve journaling spots from jillian bean soup
*two hand made fimos from ninja master nely
*three hans made circle felties from ninja master ally
*three adorable umbrella embellishments
*four puffy star embellishments
*three clear pink plastic heart embellishments
*three red plastic butterfly embellishments
*one pink plastic fan
*two lolly pop cabochons
*one rainbow heart cabochon
*one crochet flower embellishment
*one yars red sequin trim
*one yard blue tulle
*one yard red strawberry ribbon
*one yard blue hearts ribbon
*one yard adorable pink striped ribbon
*one yard pink pom~pom trim
*two cute, fun & random pieces of rainbow girl paper

love you, love you~nely