Thursday, October 22, 2009

About two weeks ago, i participated in a journal swap given by Carrie at pink pineapple! Everyone was in charge of one day...mine was Monday!!!..we met together to swap and we got this awesome chunky journal!!!...i have yet to record my week...since it mostly consist of me at work in my blue scrubs!!...but hopefully soon i can start it!!!

the other day at was at my moms, and the girls were trying on their costumes!..i have to say these little girls had me rolling!!!!,,,the bumble bee you see there is my niece lianna, and everytime you tell her to say cheese, this is what she does!!..cracks me up!!...and the little lion is savanna!!..shes the little mischevious one!!!...halloween is super fun...i need to go stock up on elmers glue!, so i can put my hair in spikes!!..i'm gonna be an old school punk rocker!!! what are you gonna be??
this picture just simply reminds me that there is a kid in all of us!!!....we should never let that dissapear!!!
and this past weekend i went on my yearly camping trip to benson, arizona!..we go every year to visit kartchner caverns!!..and i must say that there was the most amazing skies ever!!..the clouds were so yummy, i wanted to jump on them!!! this first one is from our hike, we started as a group, and then me and my 6mos pregnant friend had to cut our hike short, well because she got tired and i have everyone kept going on the hike and we thought no biggie, we can go back the same way,,,right??...wrong!!!...we go lost on our hike back!!!...with only one bottle of water!...out in the desert!!!!! worries, we found our way back!!!...being out here makes me so calm and relaxed!! also makes me realized how we easily get consumed by our everyday life!!!....i mean we are already almost to the end of the year!!! Yikes!!...even though my husband and I try to do a ton of fun stuff and make our life awesome, we decided that next year we are gonna pack in more trips and fun events!!!,,,cuz we only live once, and thats it!!! and there is soooo much to seee! much!!! ahh!!!


Monday, October 19, 2009


sorry my little blog!!..i have been absentee for a bit!!!...i went away on a mini vacation to clear the head!!!...i will be back to post pictures very soon!!!!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

like i've said before, i've been major into quilting right now!!,,,and as of late i've been working on a quilt for my nephew!,,,i'm using this cute robot fabric which originally was gonna be used for my snowball quilt, but decided it's more of a masculine fabric. perfect for my little guy. i finished my quilt top and now i will move on to the finishing process,,i can't wait for him to see it!!!~he's been bugging for it!! the little guy!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I wish everyday i walked out of my home, the sky would look like this!!!,,it's such a happy feeling to see a rainbow in the sky.,,,they remind me of calmness and happiness!! reminds me that there is nothing really to stress over, life will keep going and i am strong enough to tackle any battle that comes my way! is way too short and i intend to live it to the fullest!,,sometimes I get wrapped up in the stupidest things that I forget to stop and smell the roses!!!,,,sorry, i know i'm getting all mushy, mushy now but can't help it!..rainbows just do that to me!!-remember not to sweat the small stuff!'s all bullshit!!,,focus on the bigger picture!!-the end.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

i have to say that as of lately I have not been motivated or inspired to do any type of scrapbooking,,,i'm not too sure what it is, maybe cuz i havent taken any pictures lately, i don't know!!,,,i know for sure i have majorly been into making quilts like big time!!! I have been sewing since i was a little girl and i feel quilting takes me back to those memories. how i miss being a kid, no worries, no stress, just fun!!!....last week my friend jess invited ally and myself over to make this most awesome snowball quilt!!!...her mom was soooo nice to make us yummy puerto rican food!! (thanks carmen) she is the sweetest woman ever!!!,,,,we didn't piece our quilt, but we cut out our squares, and I can't begin to tell you how beyond excited i am to piece it this weekend!!! I especially love all the fabrics i picked, they are so dreamy!!! below is a sample of the fabric im using, the toadstools fabric is only one of the fabrics, i have cloud fabric and blue polka dot fabric,,the green one is gonna be my contrasting fabric!!!..and that octopus painting is one i just purchased from elsies shop!,,,it's my very first and probably my last since her paintings are out of my budget!!..i had to get this one because i absolutely love octopuses!..they are awesome creatures!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

so the ever so cute miss ally, hosted yet another atc swap!~this time around it was kawaii!!~my absolute favorite by far!!,,i love,love and i do mean love anything kawaii!!! I've had a few sneak peaks at some of the others and they are super awesome!!~can't wait to get my hands on them!!!~thanks again ally for hosting a cute swap!!!~here are mine,,,,


Friday, October 2, 2009


i repeat, do not try this at home!!!,,seriously!!!...i decided to get all crafty and put rhinestones on my face for my ninja mask!!..thats right,, rhinestones!!!...and you ask, "how did she glue the rhinestones on her face?"...well, i used glue dots!!..yep, glue dots folks!!!,,and you wanna hear the kicker??!!!,,when i took the rhinestones off, i had the worst allergic reaction ever!!!..i had a rash all over my eye area!!! NO FUN!!!,,,at all!!!!...i was dying,,but it was was for a good thing!!!,,,and no my husband was not golfing or out!,,,i did it right in front of his face!!,,,he knows how crazy i am!!! he wasn't surprised in the least!!! was fun!!!

peace, nely <3

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First things first!!!~we over at the pink ninjas, have announced our new design team!!,,yep, that's right! run over there and go check them out!!!~i will say, this was the toughest choice we have ever had to make!!~geez,,,there is sooo much talent out there!!~and i want to say a big thank you to everyone that sent in their submissions!!!
Secondly, the newest prompt went up yesterday at the pink ninjas!~drink of choice!!~mine is jack& diet dr. pepper!!~courtesy of miss ally!! I'll never forget the day she introduced me to this drink!! haha!! we were croppin at the pink pineapple and she pulled out a small mason jar, thats right a mason jar, with jack in it!!..she said put dr. pepper in it, and the rest was history!!...thanks girly, love ya!!! So i played around with a 6x12 layout, i gotta say, it was more fun than i thought!,,,i was a little intimidated but not so much anymore!!!
okay, so run on over to the pink ninjas and check the girlies out!!

peace,~ nely