Thursday, October 1, 2009

First things first!!!~we over at the pink ninjas, have announced our new design team!!,,yep, that's right! run over there and go check them out!!!~i will say, this was the toughest choice we have ever had to make!!~geez,,,there is sooo much talent out there!!~and i want to say a big thank you to everyone that sent in their submissions!!!
Secondly, the newest prompt went up yesterday at the pink ninjas!~drink of choice!!~mine is jack& diet dr. pepper!!~courtesy of miss ally!! I'll never forget the day she introduced me to this drink!! haha!! we were croppin at the pink pineapple and she pulled out a small mason jar, thats right a mason jar, with jack in it!!..she said put dr. pepper in it, and the rest was history!!...thanks girly, love ya!!! So i played around with a 6x12 layout, i gotta say, it was more fun than i thought!,,,i was a little intimidated but not so much anymore!!!
okay, so run on over to the pink ninjas and check the girlies out!!

peace,~ nely


Jenn said...

I just came from there, so exciting!

ally serrato said...

ohhhh yeah ~ jack and diet dr pepper baby!!! and ohhhhh yeah ~ pink ninja nation!!!
love you ninja master nely!!!

Christina said...

6x12 are fun because there is always something that can hang over the edge ect...
jack! that a girl lol

Lynnette Davis said...

I'm going to have to try that Jack&Dr Pepper drink. DIET Dr Pepper IDK! LOL I've tried Jack&Coke....but that's pretty common. Anywho....LUV your take to the've got me interested in trying out a 6x12 for size. :)

Jennifer Priest said...

So happy to be on the team!! You rock!
I always wonder what y'all are doing around the corner at those crops at I know!

Pearl said...

so honored to be a part of the Pink Ninja Nation !!!

what a load of fun you all must get up to at your crops !!!