Saturday, April 24, 2010

Busy, Busy,,,

just wanna share some things i really, really want, or want to get into right now!!!

rock climbing: i have been wanting to try this for a really, really long time, but as of recent i have a total itch for it. It would take so much training on my part, but i think it would be fun to do once in my life!!
clay pigeon shooting: When I was young, I went to a western carnival in san bernardino and they were having a clay pigeon shooting contest,,from that moment, i was intrigued and have always wanted to give it a try! it just seems like such a stress reliever. my younger brother often does this out in the desert and i am still waiting for my invite..hint, hint bro ;-)
and lastly, i was at starbucks, and a girl in line was wearing these!! soon as i saw them, i told myself i had to have as of now, i am on the hunt!! rad!!
I hope everyone is having a good weekend!!!..stay tuned on the pink ninja addicts blog cuz we are having something fun happening on Monday!!!



Jocelyn said...

Love this post!!!! Now the rock climbing...I would have to pass on...I have a real fear of heights...

Love those rad sneaks!!!!

Have a great one..I am off to watch a movie with the Hubster!!!

Christina said...

WHERE OH WHERE are those kicks?!?!?! PLEASE share if you find them!! MUST HAVE!!!=D

Inkster said...

CUTEEEEEEEEE shoes!!!!!!!
rock i'm a scaredy cat!:)
I LOOOOOOOOOOVE ur LOS! I wish we had like buttons on blogs :)

Nay and Gilly said...

Very cool Shoes!