Tuesday, May 11, 2010

things i love,,,

just wanted to share some things that i have been obsessed with and some that are more of a recent obsession,,,and a little tidbit about me,,,aqua, is my favorite color, pink is my second favorite,,

ever since i was a kid, i dreamed about owning one of these!!..i would say that when i grew up that this was the car i would get, and um yeah, not in my possesion yet. it's still on my list, but it has to be the old one, not one of the newer ones!!
the ford falcon, ahhhh, how i imagine driving down to the beach on a sunny day with some friends,,,
and this is a dreamy site,,,i have been wanting one of these babies for a while now,,,with a basket at the handle bars,,, i keep hinting at the husband, so maybe one of these days it'll show up at my doorstep ;-)
thanks for peeking, loves~nely


Jocelyn said...

Oh I love these and the bikes.....they are just PERFECT!!!

Thanks for sharing with us today!!!

Have a great one!!! :-)

Jenn said...

It's not often I see minis on crafting posts ;) so of course this caught my eye. I have two of these babies in my garage. A purple pick up and a electric blue cooper s! So fun. The pick up used to be my daily driver before kids. I need to get back in it, it's been way too long but luckily we can got for family trips in the cooper :(

Someday you will have one, they are too fun not to!

Scrapamum said...

OOOoooo I love the bikes!