Thursday, September 16, 2010


oh how i miss you blog,, i have been away for a while. Truth is, this summer has been incredibly busy for me!! In the midst of it all, we decided to sell our condo!!,,let me tell you how stressful and a lot of hard work this is!! Everyday your house has to look immaculate!! And just the thought of someone walking around in you private space is kinda weird for me. oh well, it needs to be done!! But!!,,we got an offer and the purchase is under way!!,,what a relief!! With all my busyness i have somehow managed to not take one single picture!! Isn't that sad?? My awesome husband purchased a dSLR camera for me!!,,,i've started to learn a bit more about it and am starting to use it a bit more!! In a couple of days we will be taking a short trip to Atlanta, GA!!,,for my husbands birthday he decided he wanted to scuba dive with whale sharks, so that's what we'll be doing!!,, Im super excited for him!!,,so he wants me to put my new camera to use!!!

tommorow i'll be posting a recent layout I did!!,,so come back and say hi!!,,love you all!!

love, nely


Christina said...

congrats on the sale!!!!! that's exciting!! are you guys moving to Oregon now ;D

Have a good trip!

The Mama Monster said...

I am going through the same thing! We are selling our house and to me, my house is a super private place! I am definitely having trouble imagining people coming in.

You can scuba dive with whale sharks?A place actually has them in captivity? How cool!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of that!

~The Mama Monster