Friday, March 4, 2011

❥ t.g.i.f ❥ ,,,

It's Friday!!,, are you excited?! Because I am!!! I have a super busy, busy fun weekend planned ahead!!! This past Sunday, I went on a photo shoot adventure with miss Carrie!! I got all dressed up and she shot pictures of me! I haven't fully seen them so I'm excited! While we were down in San Diego we decided to capture our silhouette pics! Silhouette is the newest photo inspiration over at bubblegum life! I had been wanting to do a silhouette pic forever!! I was happy I was able to catch carrie in movement. I was so happy with the outcome!!

what are your plans for the weekend??
happy friday, nely


The Mama Monster said...

Soooo I must admit, I am a total Ahole and stole that pic from weheartit.... I didn't blow up the little star thingys in the jar.... I haven't even tried it... but I can guarantee that if you cannot do it, I shouldn't even try it!!! hahaha!!!! Are you coming to our Crop Our Cancer Event with Ally????? You have to!!!! It'll be soooo fun!


Christina said...

rad prompt! can't wait to see the rest! Have a fun weekend ms nely!

Mo said...

hey nely! i can't wait to see the pics! i'm trying to make rounds and visit some bloggy buddies i've been neglecting! miss u guys!