Thursday, September 29, 2011

more 30 day photos,,

Hello everyone!  Wanted to share my latest installment in my 30 day photo adventure.  Truth is, this week being the last one, I have fallen behind.  It's okay, I will catch up!  So how's everyone been up to? Are you excited that fall is here?  I am!  I love summer, but there's something nice about cooler weather. Cozy, cozy, cozy,, love it!

And here, all out of order my photos,

19. where I slept

18. in my bag

24. a smile

25. sunflare

22. trees

20. what I read

21. pretty pattern

I really need to get going on my mini for this project!!  I'm slacking off!!

Have a great weekend!!


Christina said...

ok i have a blanket like that on my bed too!!! great minds =))
did the curtains & love the sun flare! very So Cal =)

allyson joy said...

eeeeeeeppp!! love you!!!!!!!!