Saturday, September 26, 2009

heeeeyyy!!!~this past wednesday our newest inspiration went up over at the pink ninjas!!!~Addictions!!!......we have the raddest ninja team that are full of inspiration for you to play along!!!,,,and if you haven't played along,,(ahem),,,what are you waiting for!!!~We are a super duper fun inspiration blog!~and it's for fun and tons of inspiration!!! so go ahead and give it a whirl!!!~oh and did i mention, we are really nice too and tons of fun!!!,,,so no more excuses, get your paper out and start creating!!!~and sooon we will have a most awesome reveal!!! Ally and myself have picked our new design team and soon they will show you there ninja ways!!! so stay tuned!!! eeek,,so excited!!!
so all that being said, i'm addicted to collecting dunnys!!!,,this girly showed this girly, which showed me these cute rad little guys!!!~when you buy them, they come in what they call a blind you don't know which guy your getting~~and then each one is enclosed in a little shiny silver pouch!! and all this emotion and anticipation builds up to see which one is in there!!!'s so much fun and very addicting!!!~~love them!!!!

on this layout i used the little i.d. cards that come with each dunny and behind the photo is the shiny silver pouch they come in!!,,,,and wanna hear something crazy,,,i made this layout in 10 minutes!!!...boy, talk about pressure!!! hehehe!!!

peace~nelsters (a.k.a. ninja master nely)


Stephanie said...

Wow, super cute layout... and super quick too!! :)

Euphoria said...

10 minutes!?!?! procrastination at its best!

it came out awesome, nice job nely!

ally serrato said...

love it ~ love dunnys ~ love you!!!

Inkster said...

u made that in ten mins!!! love the dolls and that LO is ROCKINGGGG

btei got the cute orange frame at michaels for $1!!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

now that is fast! so cute.

Becky said...

Oh my gosh!!! I love it!!! How many do you have now lol!? oops! But aren't they awesome!?

Scrappy Witch said...

Love your layout! I am so happy to be back, I too have been slacking on my journal book, but it is actually almost complete! I have posted my first circle book journal as a sample, and hey I get yours first! Woot woot!

Okay gotta go so excited, but I really should get some sleep, three hours is enough right!


BTW..when are you gals posting the new DT? I tried out (hanging my head in shame, and fiddling my thumbs)?