Friday, February 19, 2010

5 things for fun!!!

5 things I'm looking forward to:

*getting a car!!!!
*wednesday....i love wednesdays...mostly because of time spent with this girly!!
*Alice in Wonderland movie!!!...seriously, i'm dying, and can't wait!!!
*our yearly camping trip!!..going to yosemite this year!!
*showing the world our newest kit from the pink ninja addicts

5 things I did yesterday:

*had an awesome meeting with my girly ally!
*saw a trillion patients at work!!
*had some yummy salad
*bugged and annoyed mister sam for a bit..(he loves it)
*thought about organizing my scrap room....that's not happening

Places I'd like to travel to:

this is a toughie...i have a super duper long goes...China, Thailand, Taiwan, Holland, Spain, England, Ireland, Australia, Italy, Africa, Mozambique, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, South America, road trip across the U.S., salvation mountain, and on, and on and on....Mr. Sam and I try really hard to vacation and do as much as possible...We trade off each year..he picks one and i pick one...this year he chose seems like life is not allowing us to take this trip...but we are gonna try our bestest to make it!!!...fingers crossed!!!

Cute things I've found online lately:

I have to much to mention and to put links up will take forever...and I'm being lazy right now!!...but i'm really looking forward to my octopus friend from Skunkboy Creatures!

P.S.. i'm listening to Flogging Molly super loud!!!...I've listened to them for years...and right now it's all I want to listen to!! any of you ever get like this??...where you just want to listen to a band or a singer over and over??'s awesome!!.

Love, miss nely!!


Christina said...

ahhh yeaaahhh ms nely!! fun post! I spy the cricit back there =) i have one to lol. happy wknd loves!

allyson joy said...

love the picture of you!!! okay ~ love wednesdays {for the same reason} :-)))) i hope, i hope, i hope you get a car!!! and ive never done this before, but i think for the alice movie i wanna go do the camp all day thing and see it opening day!!!! wanna?? love you lady!!! love our pink ninja children!!!

Carrie said... much fun stuff to look forward to...what a great life you have!!! can't wait till we get together weekend?