Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a birthday surprise!!!,,,,

hi everyone!!!!,,,i have something that I wanna share with all of you!!,,i am so super stoked and excited about this!!,,okay,okay,,soooo, my bestie ally is about to celebrate her 30th birthday!!!,,so exciting right?!!,,it's a big moment in our lives!,,so for her birthday, we are getting together and scrapbooking!!!,,what we'll be doing is scrapbooking pictures of her,,so that by the end of the day she'll have a rad album celebrating her life,,and she'll have a memory made by her dearest friends!!!,,,fun right?!!!...so here is where you, all of my dearest blog readers come in,,,,i thought it would be fun if you all participated in on the fun of her birthday!!!!,where i send you pics of miss ally and you can pick one or two and make a layout for her!!!!,,,so she can have a piece of art from you!!!,,by the time her birthday bash comes around, she'll have an album full of creativity from you guys!!!!,,,and she'll treasure it forever!!!,,,,okay, im so excited for this!!!,,,please also visit her blog, so you can get a feel of what a sweet and rad person she is, and why i love her so much!!!!,,,
so here are the details if you are interested:
*email me at mnbarger@yahoo.com
*once i receive your email, i will send you a reply with pictures you can use. please feel free to be as artistic as you'd like with the pics, and also please keep them private
*layouts should be mailed by August 13th
*i will include all the details in the email!!
okay, i hope i didn't forget any details!!!!,,,love you all,,and here are some of my favorite pics of my cutie pie friend!!!!



Emily said...

Sent you mail! ;)

allyson joy said...

awwwwww,,, okay, seriously, I'm the luckiest girl in the entire world!! thank you so much for organizing this Nely - I'm soooooooo excited for this project and I think it's going to be amazing!!!!! Thank you over and over for being such a perfect best friend,, I love you lady and I'm so lucky to have you!!! Thank you doll!!! Can't wait to see you maƱana!!!

Toni said...

What a completely fun idea...so awesome and "rad". My scrapping kinda sucks (lol) ... so I hope you get some really great scrappers to participate!!

Mo said...

aw, ally looks so gorgeous and what a sweet thing to do!

Jocelyn said...

How awesome!!!! I am so sorry I can't participate...we are leaving for the beach and then by the end of the month.....moving my daughter into a new home!!!

Thanks for the sweet comment that you left for me..I just adore you!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That is just the SWEETEST idea!!!!! LOVE IT!!! And I am soooooooooooooooo sorry what happened to you this past Friday....how scary for you..... and I know what will make you feel better though...lol lol lol....let's go see Eclipse again...TOGETHER! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)