Friday, October 1, 2010

playing catch up,,,

so a lot has gone on in my life,,,september came and went with a blink of an eye,,, we put our condo up for sale,, and a very nice lady bought it!! {well, technically it's not hers yet cuz we still have to go thru the whole process of appraisal, inspection,,etc.,,etc.,,}, so hopefully, fingers crossed, everything goes smoothly!!,, September was my husbands 30th birthday!,,he is sooo, so, so calm. I wanted to do some crazy thing and go on some crazy thing and all he wanted was to swim with whale sharks and vacation in palm springs. So off we went, caught a plane to Atlanta, spent 4 days there, came back drove to Palm Springs where we rented a house,, baked and swam in the pool for 4 days!!,,let me tell you, for me, this was very, very hard!!! Anyone that knows me, knows how restless and full of energy I am! to sit by the pool 24 hours a day and do nothing was extremely hard for me! I got cranky from it and my husband couldn't understand why i couldn't just relax,,but it's just not my nature. All in all, it was a great vacation, and Im super happy my husband had a wonderful time!,,

here he is backstage, ready to go into the tank!!,, it's cool, you can see the whale sharks swimming up top,, they are so friendly,,,

and i really want one of these as a pet,,,
one of the many sharks in the tank,,,a hammerhead shark came underneath my husband!!,,it was cool,,my husband got scared and jerked, so the shark got scared and swam away,,
and here are the whale sharks!!,,they are awesome!!,,this one was 24 feet long!!!,,in the ocean they grow anywhere from 30 to 35 feet!,,can you imagine swimming in the water and this guy swimming up to you???,,

and last, but not least!,, pink ninja addicts has released their newest kit!!,,*she wolf* the main kit, is perfect for this halloween season!!,,
here is the add-on kit,,*venice queen*
stay tuned for some layouts i created using this kit!!

happy fall,,,


Diana Fisher said...

That kit looks yum!!! :) Now, to talk myself into needing it (hee hee)! I love those shark swim pics. Very cool! have a great weekend, girl!

The Mama Monster said...

That is so amazing! I had no idea you could swim with whale sharks in captivity! How cool!

~The Mama Monster

Christina said...

what an amazing experice!!!

Michelle said...

Oh, cool! :) Sounds like so much fun, and the photos are really cool!