Monday, June 28, 2010

embroidery fun,,,

just wanted to share with everyone some sweet embroidery pieces I made while on my camping trip!,,,,the idea behind this was that it was gonna take me at least the whole 5 hour drive to make these,,,you since i've never embroidered before,,,i started them when i got on the freeway and finished both pieces when i got to temecula!!,,which is only 20 minutes away from my house!!,,my husband was laughing so hard,,,he said, "what are you gonna do now for the rest of the 4 and a half hours!",,,,needless to say, the rest of the drive was boring,,,but i found that embroidery is fun,,,and i'm really liking it right now!!!,,,so I just wanna say thanks to my sweet friend Gloria for sharing this with me!!!,,here are my pieces,,,im in love with them!!!

love ~nely

Thursday, June 24, 2010

sketchy thursday!!!,,,,

happy thursday!!!!,,,,sketchy thursdays newest sketch is up!!!,,,the sponsor this time around is Apron Strings!!,,,below you will find the sketch and my take!!,,,i made a layout of my crazy niece!!,,,she is absolutely fearless!!!!,,,she's two and beats up her 6 year old brother all the time!!,,,poor dude!!!,,,but everyday is a new adventure with this little one!!,,,now go to sketchy thursdays blog and give the girls some love!!,,play along for a chance to win a prize!!!



Wednesday, June 23, 2010


hi everyone!!,,,it's wednesday,,,as of right now, i'm probably driving up north heading to the kern river!!!,,,we'll be camping till saturday!!!,,,back to wednesday, today we the pink ninjas have the latest inspiration up,,,*roots*. so stop by say hi, leave happy comments and play along!!!,,,i made a layout of my mother,,,she never, ever, and i mean EVER!!,,lets me take a picture of her!,,,but on my wedding day, the photographer caught this pic of her!!!,,,i love my mom, she is super, super shy but so cute!!!,,,she's been through a lot and has stayed strong through it all!!!...I feel that I have a lot of strong qualities from her, and I love her for that!!!,,happy wednesday!!!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Blog Hop with our ninja in the spotlight, debee campos!!!,,,

we are at it again!!!,,,with a fun blog hop, featuring the one and only, miss debee campos!!!! make sure to stop by the addicts blog to check out the awesome pages she created!!!! for this hoppity hop we are featuring our newest kit *sing for the moment* and add-on kit *stay beautiful*

so here are the rules,,,
*you gotta be a follower of all of the pink ninja addicts blogs,,, {gloria doesnt have a follower list, but the rest of us do} as well as here, the pink ninja addicts blog
*you gotta rock our hot ninja chick badge on your blog,,, you gotta,, but then again, why wouldnt you want to?? ;-)
*you gotta make a post about our blog hop on your blog
*leave a comment here,,, you will be entered to win one of the give aways weve got,,,
please make sure you follow all of the above, from the previous blog hop, we had drawn a name or two and there wasnt a post on the blog,, or the person didnt follow all the blogs,, please double check,, you might think youre listed as a follower,,, and maybe youre not,, just saying,, i want you all to win and have a fair shot!!! :-)
that being said,,, here we gooooooo,,,

gloria (she does not have followers)

here is our ninja in the spotlight,,,,debee campos!!!
the rad kit we are giving away!!!!

and here is a journal I created!!!!,,i've only gotten as far as the cover,,,everyone has been doing these rad bucket list minis,,,,so i decided to jump on the wagon and do one as well!!!,,i titled mine *kick rocks*,,,i'll be showing the inside of the pages soon!!!,,,everything is from the newest kit aside from the fabric that covered the journal!!

and here are two giveaways our ninja stars created,,,check out these awesome journals you could possibly win!!!!

thanks for stopping by!!!,,,and make sure to follow all instructions!!,,we check!! you all!!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

sometimes, life happens,,,,

have you ever been driving and have reached your destination point, only to wonder how you got there???,,,ummmm,,,yeah,,,that's how my life feels as of lately!,,,i wish i could have some rad inspirational projects for you, but ummmm, i don't!!,,sorry. It's just that I have been sooooo super busy!,,,i have not even had the ounce of mojo to get some scrapbooking done,,,nothing,,zippo, nada!!!!,,,,i haven't even taken pictures,,,now that's sad:-(,,,,my job has been more insane than ever,,,i have been getting out late every single day,,,and by the time i get home,,,im exhausted and just wanna sit on the couch and do nothing,,,,and believe you me, i have a million plus one things to do,,,and do i do them,,ummm,,,nope!!!,,,i need energy, i need a shot of something!!!!,,,,okay, so i'm gonna share something super personal for me right now, and please be nice,,because i'm having a really hard time with this,,,,,my entire life I have been this super skinny, skinny girl,,,growing up I got teased a lot for being skinny,,,,called names, the whole nine yards,,,,so growing up i would eat a lot, alot so i could gain weight,,,and nothing!!!,,,i would still be skinny,,,,it wasn't until i got married three years ago that i gained some weight and i felt good,,,(just to give you an idea, at 18 i weighed 103, at 26 when i got married i weighed 120, a year ago i weighed 135),,,,okay, so about a month ago, i went to the doctor and got weighed,,you know usual routine,,,and i weighed 152!!!!,,,and when i saw my doctor she told me i was overweight!!!!!:-(,,,im 5'7"),,,this totally and completely deppressed me,,,,i was totally self conscious and not happy with myself,,,i went home and cried to my husband and was on a bad one for a week,,,I swear, I feel like i can never win this weight battle,,i'm either too skinny or to big!!!,,,so, i decided to do something about it, and as of three weeks now, i've been on this super intense diet that has been helping me out a lot,,,i can see a difference and am starting to feel better about myself,,,i refuse to get on a scale yet,,,not until i feel it's right,,,but when i do, i will share with you my friends.,,,i'm not much of an exercise person so i will slowly build up to that,,,for now, i'm just eating suppppper healthy and riding my new bike!!!!,,,sorry to post this long post about my life, but i just want everyone to know, that this is where my life has been and why i haven't been inspired,,,but i feel that i'm coming back and i think i'm gonna come back for a full vengeance!!!!

for right now, i just wanna show you a cute pic me and my bestie took at Petco Park at the Padres game!!,,,i cannot begin to tell you how much i love this girl, and am soooo glad she is in my life and is my friend,,,we had the most amazing day/night!!!,,,it was sooo much fun!!!

and here is my brand spanking new bike!!!!,,eeeekk!!,,i cannot tell you how excited I am about this!!!,,,it took a lot of begging to my husband for me to get it,,,but he caved in and now it sits in my car daily, in case i want to take a spur of the moment ride. This past Sunday, me and my nephew went on a 10 mile bike ride,,,it was beautiful and awesome...i love that little dude!!!,,,he's six,,and didn't complain once about the long ride,,,he loved it!!!
I hope you all have a rad weekend!!!,,,tommorow I am off to VEGASSS baby!!!!,,,I am so super excited!!,,i freaking love Vegasss so much!!! Oh!,,and i joined a co-ed softball league and my first game is Sunday,,,when i get back from Vegass,,,wish me luck...i'm gonna be so tired!!

LOVE you all!!!!~nely!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

sketchy thursday!!!,,,,

ahhhh yeah!!!,,,it's thursday!!!,,that means it's one day closer to friday, and that much closer to the weekend!!!!,,,,okay, back to thursday,,,it's sketchy thursdays!!!! back again with a rad sketch!!,,below it you'll find my take on it!!!,,,i used a picture from my wedding and used all the papers from *sing for the moment* kit from pink ninja addicts!!!,,,so run over to sketchy thursdays, check out what the rest of the rad design team created!!!,,make a layout, submit it,,and you could win a rad prize!!,,,now who doesn't love prizes!!!,,,,see ya there!!!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the pink ninjas!!!!

today is inspiration wednesday over at the pink ninjas!!!!!,,,,the prompt is mugshot!!!,,,now we all know we have some rad mugs of ourselves or our fam!!!,,,so show us what you got!!!,,,here's mine!!!,,,i used my scanner so that's why it looks a little weird,,,but i had to use the scanner cuz it's nightime for me right now and i don't have good lighting!!!,,,happy wednesday!!!

love you all~nelsters!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ninja in the spotlight!!!!

have you checked out who pink ninja addicts ninja in the spotlight is????,,,well, let me tell you!!!,,,it's miss debee campos!!!!,,we are so happy to have her be our guest designer this month!!,,she has amazing talent!!!,,,love her style!!!,,,check out our blog to check out the layouts she has created!!!,,,i hope everyone has a happy tuesday!!!,,,oh!, and tommorow the pink ninjas will have their latest inspiration up!!,,so check that out too!!!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

just wanted to say hiiiii!!!!,,,,

hi everyone!!!!,,,just wanted to stop by and say hi!!!,,,i know i've been neglecting my beloved blog,,,but seriously, i have been insanely busy!!!!!!,,,I have been in the mountains on a camping trip!!!,,making cute creations for our kits, having rad meetings with my bestie, hanging out with family, working full time, signing my nephew up for soccer, celebrating my friends 30th birthday party!!,,,playing softball!!,,man!,,,it's exhausting!!!,,,all i wanna do now is go in my scrapbook room and make some layouts!!!,,,i'm having withdrawals!!!!,,well i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!,,,love you all!!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

pink ninja monday!!

okay, okay, i know it's not monday!, but, i just got back from an awesome camping trip up at the sierra nevada's with my family!!!,,,it was sooo much fun and soooo cold!!!..a few months ago, my husband bought me a tent heater, and let me tell you,,,that thing was running all night!!!,,such a lifesaver!!! hope you all had a rad memorial day weekend!!!,,,so, us pink ninja addicts, have posted our new kit for the month of june!!!,,,it's called *sing for the moment*,,,it's beautiful!!!,,i love it!!!,,,such the perfect colors for summer!!!,,,we also have the add-on kit *fireflies*,,,so dreamy!!!,, im working on a little project with this kit and can't wait to show ya!!
have a happy monday!!!,,,love you all!!