Thursday, January 6, 2011

my list,,and other fun stuff,,

so here's my list!!, i know, i know, you can barely see it! It's night time and I'm too cold to go get my camera. But I will share with you my list of 31 things to do before 32.

1.make an art journal 2. finish my snowball quilt 3. take 365 picture 4. make a granny square blanket 5. build a teepee 6. style my blythe doll 7. learn photoshop elements 8. take infant/family photos 9. make a queen size quilt 10. re-purpose a headboard for my bed 11. keep a journal 12. sew an apron 13. complete all my unfinished mini albums 14. put all my layouts in an album. 15. sew curtains for my room 16. plant lots of plants (and not kill them) 17. start a garden and finish it. 18. master my dSLR 19. grow my mini cactus collection 20. make a birdhouse 21. put up a hummingbird feeder 22. climb Mt. Fuji 23. start a recipe collection 24. scrapook 2o11 one layout a month 25. do indoor rock climing 26. embroider decoration pieces 27. have movie nights 28. visit salvation mountain 29. concept photo shoot 30. paint a painting 31. make a terrarium

and there you have it! I hope I can accomplish most if not all this year!! Having a list definitely makes it much easier for me!!

and I've started my journal. I've written a paragraph,,,but it's a start!
and here are some photos I took of my brother and his wife. They are expecting their first little one. It's a girl. I'm very excited, they are very excited too!! she's due this month!! I love babies, they are so cute and smell delicious!!

Hope everyone has a happy thursday!!! love you all!!



allyson joy said...

I love your list - I wanna do those things with you,,, sounds so fun!!!!! the preggers pictures are awesome - I love the one of the two of them - nice job missy. see you soooooooon love you!!!!!

Christina said...

rad list ms nely!!! make sure you take lots of pics of you finishing things on your list and then you could make a "list scrapbook" =)