Tuesday, May 24, 2011

kern river here we come and my first wallet

Today, I'm really excited to share with you something I sewed last night!! My husband has been bugging me to make him a wallet forever! Yes, I know he could have easily purchased one, but you see, my husband is a very particular person. It couldn't have velcro, it had to have this many pockets, etc., etc.,. Soooo, he asked me if I could custom make him one! For now, we will have to call this wallet I made a prototype. hehehe! You see, my sewing machine is old and wasn't cooperating. There was frayed edges, lose strings, bunch up thread,, you name it. But he loved it!! Isn't that sweet? He's pretty much perfect! I told him as soon as my sewing machine was back from the shop, I would make him a more proper one. He said he was amazed at how quickly I made it. He thinks I'm super crafty, and supports everything I do. He tells me that I'm amazing, isn't that just awesome!! I simply adore him!!! Below is a picture of the "prototype".

Next, friends, I am leaving on Friday with my family to our yearly Kern River camping trip!! I'm super excited for this!! So, so excited! It's a trip where we walk away from our daily stresses and worries. We drink beer, go hiking, play games, fish, go in the river, everything really. Another thing, there is no reception there. I know, I know, some of you are probably hyperventilating right now, but honestly I'm okay with it. Im pretty much glued to my phone all the other days of the year, so it kinda feels nice to just hit the off button. Gives me the opportotunity to focus on spending real time with my family. Plus, I love them, and they deserve my full attention! Below are pictures from our trip last year!!

If I don't talk to you soon, Happy Memorial Day weekend!!
love, nely


Gloria said...

Have agreat time on your trip Nely.. I am sure the pictures will be great..

amylynne said...

I LOVE the wallet!!! :) Great job!
Have a blast camping...I love it too...my husband doesn't love the thought so much. ;)

MY Creative Brightside said...

looks like fun nely!!!! I wanna learn to sew so i can make a sweet wallet like that you rock muah!!

Love, Carrie said...

your wallet turned out so cute!...and i can't wait to see the pics from your camping trip!!! have a lovely week Nely : )

<3 Carrie