Friday, May 20, 2011

wedding day

It's Friday, Friday. Is it just me, but everytime I hear the word Friday, I immediately think of the Rebecca Black song! It's driving me crazy!! But I am excited that the weekend is here!!! I'm looking forward to Saturday! My precious momma is coming over to help me plant rose bushes. You see, my mom has an insane green thumb, like crazy!! Her backyard looks like a jungle with all the different species of plants she has!! Then theres me, absolutely no green thumb! Like zero, zilch nada. That's why shes coming over to help me. I love, love, love, plants and flowers but I can never keep them alive for more than a day. So, I'm glad she's coming over! I love her so much!
I also wanted to share with you a layout I created using the *scarlet begonias* kit from the Pink Ninjas!! Have I ever told you how awesome it is being a Pink Ninja?? Well, it is. Like amazing! And I completely love all of you fellow Pink Ninjas! This world is amazing, fun, be yourself, caring, crazy, and just simply rad!!

Have a great weekend!!!!
love, nely

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