Sunday, September 25, 2011

30 day project,,

5it's morning time here in California.  There is no sunshine, just gloominess, which is weird for us Californians.  I wanted to share with you a photo project that I found on Amy Tangerines blog.  When I saw it I felt inspired and decided to give it a whirl.  I often don't take pictures of the simple things and this challenge really pushed me to do it.  And like I said before, I'm really into documenting right now, so this was perfect!  Plus, Carrie and myself decided to make a really simple mini with this challenge when we are done!  Can't wait to show you that!
These photos are all out of order.  I'm still trying to figure out the new blogger.

2. what i wore
4. favorite color

8. technology (this was the day California had the countywide blockout)

5. someone I love

9. faceless self portrait

3. clouds

11. something fun

10. something I made

12. close-up

13. from a distance

14. flowers

6. childhood memory

15. my shoes

16. what I ate

17. on the shelf

1. self portrait

7. something new
I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna capture sunflare today since we don't have sun :/  I will just have to get creative I guess!!
Hope you have a fun Sunday!


Christina said...

I saw this one carrie's bloggity and i REALLY want to do this.

um hello pet shops!! my daughter has tons of them & I play with them more than she does !! lol.
AND i sooo need some of those little zipper bags you made. =) very rad!

Emily said...

Love love love the pictures!!! These are fabulous Nely!

Hehe... my daughter has like a million of the pet shops too... how fun!

Bloggerifichick said...

I so love the idea 30 photos in 30 days!!
The technology one was def my favorite.
I'm a new follower btw.

Christina Marie said...

Im doing this challenge over on my blog too:) I really like your childhood memory... chicken noodle soup? hehe, only the best!