Friday, June 26, 2009

So i've been MIA...not really..i've been in Japan for a week and a half!!! I had the most amazing time!!! Being there was such a happy moment in time!...the only thing i found difficult was the communication which for me is hard because i'm a social butterfly and like to talk to everyone!! The country is so advanced it's amazing!!! I'm not able to post all my pics since i have quite a bit but i will share the gist of it!!

there is a million of vending machines!!...everywhere!!! It's pretty convenient...oh and there are no trash cans in Japan but its super clean...all there is, is recycling bins to recycle your bottles!!

this street is called takeshita's in was raining and there was a million people was so crowded but so fun!!!

here is where we stayed..shinjuku...this was in the daytime..lots of buildings everywhere and jammed packed every square inch!!

here it is at night!! so amazing...each store in japan is at least 5 stories high!! In harajuku they had a Forever21 store that was 4 stories high...and it had a really long line for people to crazy!!!

and these are the girls in harajuku....this is how they get all dolled's pretty cool!! and everyone and i mean everyone in japan is amazingly polite and super nice!!! something we don't have much of here!!

this is a more gothic version!!

and this arcade game was so fun!! it's kinda like guitar hero but you bang on this drum...i was doing pretty well for not understanding the screen!!
and tokyo disney sea was so amazing!! pictures don't do it justice! here is my husband in agrabah..from cool!!
this is shibuya crossing...there are people crossing the streets in all different's pretty insane!!!
this is a window in the junie moon store!! this store has nothing but blythe dolls and blythe was pretty cool!!!
everywhere you go there are alley ways...and they all have shops and restaurants!! pretty fun!! we had some rainy days but mostly it was nice...but it was soooo humid!!! it was one amazing trip but at the end i was getting homesick and im glad to be home!! I'll definitely be going back!!!


Carrie said...

Nely! UNREAL! I am so loving EVERYTHING...couldn't wait to see your pic of the shibuya crossing...and I am totally stoked that it rained AND was sunny! happy! When will I see you next?

ally serrato said...

Nely!!!!! I'm soooooo glad yer home lady!!! Can't wait to hear moreeeeee!!!

Christina said...

that's sooo awesome that you got to go there!!

Euphoria said...

WOW WOW WOW!! Love these photos!! Everything is so AWESOME!! Lucky you!!!

Glad to see you had a great time, and welcome back home!!!

Sweet Escape said...

thanks ladies!!! now i'm ready to get some scrapping done!!!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

it looks fabulous! Your pictures are super great!!