Monday, June 29, 2009

today was my first day back at work and man was I all jacked up!!! i only slept 3 1/2 hours!!! I really hope I can get back on schedule...otherwise I'm gonna end up in the looney bin...if you catch my drift!!!.....soooo,..i got to thinking about a little thing we all did (im sure) back in January...called new years resolutions!!! well mid of the year is almost over and we are going into the second huh...anyways, back to my point...have any of you kept or are still working on your resolutions???!!! huh, for me...totally not!!! I've been bad about layouts....but I've been working on this one...sneaky peeky...(it will be finished soon) and I cranked out my pink ninjas if you haven't played along...what you waiting will be real fun!! I promise!!

Oh! and i love this little guy!!! hes a cutie petutie i won over in Japan!! These are the super cute toys they have in their arcade machines!! and he walks!!!...gotta love that!!!

and yesterday, I had a much needed day!! I spent it at Pink Pineapple! (where else!) and took some classes with who else but my most raddest bud Ally!! She taught an awesome card class and super cute layout class!!! I've taken Ally's classes for like a year and I am super lucky to have her as a friend now!! Shes an awesome super chicky with some awesome talent!! I love her!! Oh!! and you should check out Elsies blog!!...,cause she posted a rad pic of the tattoo she designed for Ally on there!! How cool is that!!!...pretty cool if you ask me!!!

~alrighty, I'm out!!-nelsters


Anonymous said...

Aww, The teddy is the cutest:)

Toni said...

Cute little teddy bear. Was great to see you on Sunday!!

ally serrato said...

nely ~ youre the best ~ you always are,,, i cant wait to see that layout ~ it looks likes its gonna be amazing!!!! thank you for the sweet words and for being my friend :-D love youuuuuuuuuu!!!!