Saturday, June 13, 2009

This is why I have the coolest friends in the world!!!....they are the raddest ever!!!

Tree Ninjas:
bo-staff and sneaky ninja:
Stealth Ninja:
this must have been the raddest photo shoot ever!! It's awesome to have cool friends!!!

On a sad note, I took my little man to a birthday party today and he was climbing this jungle gym thing in the pic below...and he fell...broke his left wrist :(...he was a total trooper...just sat calmly!!! he get a cool cast!!!

and I'm off to Japan!!!..So excited!! Hopefully i can post while i'm over there!!!


ally serrato said...

oh no pooooor dude!!!!! dude ~ totally the raddest photo shoot ~ like ever, ever,,, have fun chicky ~ miss you already!!! ill hold down the fort while your out!!!

ally serrato said...

oh ~ dude ~ side note,,,, looooove the new blog!!!!!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

the photos are great! so sorry to hear about the broken wrist! that is painful!

Euphoria said...

Poor little guy!!

YOur blog ROCKS! Love the new look, sweet ninja pics too! LOL!