Friday, July 10, 2009

I pretty much have the raddest friend EVER!!!!..(can i say that??!!)...umm, yeah..because she is!!! She totally surprised me with these totally rad flair!!! I heart her so much!...she is the cutest ever!! ( obssesed with harajuku)..thanks girly!!
And as of now..this is what my scrapbook room looks like!!! LOL!!! husband gave me the garage but then i didn't like it because there wasnt enough i moved to the kitchen..He didn't like this very he gave me his music room!!..aww..i love him..hes so sweet!!!

and when i was in Japan i bought a blythe doll..whick my husband so gracefully named chuchi-chuchi!! does NOT like my blythe doll!! so when i got home, you wanna know where i found her...wedge in a box under a ton of stuff!!!!!! maybe one day hell warm up to her!! So i got this doll because of all the that i have her..i don't know what to do with her??

okay, back to scrapbooking!!

~the nelsters


Euphoria said...

WOW- talk about a scraproom disaster!! Love the flair and I totally am on your hubbs side, blyth dolls are ugly... whatever floats your boat though LOL!!! :o)

ally serrato said...

glad you likey the flair lady ~ youre always so sweet to me. hey ~ now that youve seen my scrap room, youve seen keeping it clean is harrrrrrd work!!! and hey ~ i think the blythe doll is kinda cute,,, i likey ehr dress :-D
love ya sista!!!

Gloria said...

love the dolll,,,,,dude pose her at the pink and take her cute ..I love your doll..

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

well she is super cute! i have a pullip doll, she is in the box :)

Mika said...

Love the buttons, and the doll is cute

Mika (

Michelle said...

You have to make her cute clothes and do her hair! :) he he...I think. I don't know much about blythe's other than they're super-cute! :) Happy day!

Inkster said...

lmao! i love that my scrap table isn't the only one that looks like that...i gotta show my husband that pic so he'll calm down lol