Monday, July 20, 2009

So no scrapbooking happened this weekend!! sad...but me and my husband decided that we were gonna have the weekend off so we could finish or flooring downstairs!! we scheduled NO events!!..which is really hard for us because we usually are go, go, go!! so Saturday came and we were suppose to be flooring but, I got an email that two NO DOUBT tix where gonna be mine!! The catch: they where in Los of course I made the trek and dragged my husband along..hes a trooper!! and there they were two shiny tix for No Doubt July 31st...oh yea!! and i get to go with this chicky!!...thanks larry trinh for giving up your tix so me and ally could have a blast!!!
then my husband decided he wanted to go to Outdoor World!!!..what the heck..y not!!! It was fun..that store is insane...its like campers paradise...I wanted everything!!! this fishy was nice enough to take a pose for me!!! after there we proceeded to go visit my bro in Hemet....ummm flooring got done!!! we aren't really good at taking time off!!
but Sunday came and flooring had to be done :(...not very fun because that meant I had to clean the house!!!...but luckily my nephew came over and i put him right to!!! Hey, he's gotta earn his legos somehow!!!
then my hubby and bro were cutting up the wood!!
and here my hubby is putting down the last strips of wood!!! This room will soon be my scrapbook room!!...he so kindly gave it up so I can stash all my goodies in it!!..It was previously his music room...but he felt he didn't need all the space so he thought it would be better if we swapped!...thanks are the best!!!
LOL!! and this is my nephew exhausted from all the work he had to do!! Child labor is pretty nice!!..J/K..all he cleaned was that bookshelf and he said he had a rough day!!
Add Imagethe day ended with a trip to the pool!! i never knew kids could stay in the pool all day long!!! It was so hard trying to get everyone out!!!

And last...(you might want to close your eyes))...Major disaster area!!!..You think you have the messiest scrapbook room??...think again!!!! new space will be better..i know it!!!



ally serrato said...

Holy moley girly - you went up to LA??!?!? What a rock star - it's gonna be so much fun!!! I can even wait - I love all these pictures with you and your hubby - can't wait to see your scrap room :-). Can't wait for the 31st!!!!!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

YOu go girl! the flooring will be worth all the hard work!

Euphoria said...

I love how you STILL have that sauna/jacuzzi!! LOL!!!

The floor is looking good so far!!

Inkster said...

your new space will PROBABLY look like that from time to time bc thats the sign of a TOTALLY RADDDDDDD PROJECT~!!!! at least thats what i tell myself....ahem....

Pearl said...

Wow how fab ! to see No Doubt in concert ! woot ! playing them now on You-Tube !

thats wonderful that you guys can do flooring yourself ! wow !