Wednesday, July 29, 2009

man>>!! where did the time go~!!! Here I'm thinkin it's Monday!!...but to my happiness its Tuesday!!!..which means tommorow (when this will officially be posted) is wednesday!! know what that means!!!...Pink Ninjas time!!!...ooohhh yeeaaa!!!~ and my heart is happy cuz my hubby is playing gwen stefani tunes for me!!..I heart him a lot!!...sorry,,,,,back on the subject...Pink Ninjas time!!!.. oh yea!!...this week its Chicks!!!..Y u say??...cuz we cool..thats y!!! here is my layout...Jess took this pic of me and ally in our fort at the pink!!!~oh and side note--I meant to spell chicks that way..y u say..cuz i'm cool!!..J/ really not..just felt chiks looked better spelt that way!!!

Peace out!!~nelsters!!


ally serrato said...

awwww sam is so sweet to you ~ not to mentions US ~ coming this friday!!! love your layout girly ~ good times, good times!! have a great day!!!!

Toni said...

Cute page girlie!!! It rocks!!

Euphoria said...

You are too funny!! LOVE your "Chiks" LO!! I totally thought you spelled it wrong by mistake! LOL

PS- thats a pretty darn good photo!

Oh wait, forgot that smiley face! :o)

Pearl said...

what a fun layout !!! Love the use of pink !

You Pink Ninja chiks are da best ! ;-)

PaperCameraScissor said...

great lo!! I love how you spelled chiks too! :)