Monday, December 14, 2009

It's been one hectic december month for me!!!,,,do this, do that!!!,,,I have to say though, it has all been very fun activities!!!,,and hanging out with awesome friends!!!,,,I am so excited right now because the countdown for my birthday begins!!!,,,eeeek,,,and i'll be celebrating it in Viva Las Vegas!!!...ohh yeahh!!!,,,and I will be hanging out with awesome friends,,,and I will be seeing Lady Gaga in Concert!!!,,,that's right,,,,oh! and I'll be checking out the Zumanity show!!!,,,i'm so excited!!,,It will for sure be an awesome 30th birthday!!!,,,can't wait!!!,,,so I have taken up crocheting!!,,,i started to learn crocheting when i was young,,my mom tried to teach me but it was a no go!!!,,I have made several attempts to do it again and I feel like this time I have made some serious progress!!!~I really need help though!!,,,if you guys know of any cool sites that have super rad, and super easy tutorials I would love, love for you to share them with me!!,...i'm having a little bit of trouble with the edges!!!,,,I also want to learn different patterns!! you can see, I got a little frustrated,,,hence my Lady Gaga impersonation!!!..hehe,,i crack myself up!!!,,anyhoot, i would love to hear your ideas!!!!



Euphoria said...

your so silly! it looks awesome to me! if you can teach urself to quilt I know you can do this too! love the gray color, good choice!

nity nite!

Anonymous said...

haha. I love that picture. That will be a great concert too!

December has been one heck of a month thus far. I hope life slows down a bit for you!

<3 B

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

yeah! since we both missed eachother's bdays, we need to get together when I get back!

Inkster said...

i'm so glad u likey my whale:) He's still for sale!
Also crocheting join!!!! its awesomeee
stitch n bitch the happy hooker had some cool easy to follow patterns too i just got it out the library but i think i'm gonna buy it ooh ooh and also buy the crochet answer book - answers to allll ur questions and u can search for videos on youtube one really great guy easy to follow his stuff mikeysmail i think his name is!! Good luck i hear crochet sooo much!!!