Tuesday, December 29, 2009


You have probably hearing all the whispers going on in the blog world about a BIG secret that is being revealed January 1st!!!,,,If you haven't, it's time to jump on the wagon, because let me tell you,,,it's BIG!!!,,,,I want to spill the beans sooo bad,,,but i won't!!,,,I'm not even giving a little clue!!..all you have to do is stay tuned!!! Ally and myself are going on this super fun adventure, and we want you guys to come along for the ride!!!,,,,eeeekkk,,,im sooooo stoked!!! So check in on new years and you will know the big news!!!~and don't forget to check out the pink ninjas on the first as well!!..we are coming back with bad ass nunchuk skillz!!

stay posted~nely!!


Toni said...

Do you have to be invited to read The Pink Ninja's blog now? I tried to go there but it says I wasn't invited to read the blog. It did the same thing with Ally's blog! Oh well!

Hope you've had a great holiday so far!!!

Sweet Escape said...

hi tony!!~the ninja blog is on private right now,,it will come back on January 1st..we did some remodeling on it..so keep posted!!!

thank you!!

Toni said...

I can't wait!!! I'm posting about it on my blog ,, but I will go back in later on to make sure I put a link to it once it's available!! Woohoo!!

xoxo ,,,, Toni (girl...lol)