Thursday, December 31, 2009


all i can say is that i had one awesome year!!!,,,

entered my second year with this awesome man!!

went on an awesome vacation!!!!

went on this awesome adventure

taught myself how to quilt and crochet (well almost crochet,,im still learning)

welcome a new little man to the family!!

went to rad ass concerts!!!~with my raddest friend!!!

and ending it with this::

and I turned 30!!!!,,,,how awesome is that!!!! Next year i am so full of goals!!,,,creative ones as well as personal ones!!,,It's gonna be an awesome year,,,i can feel it!!

see you next year,,,~nely

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cats outta the bag!!!

It's official, Ally and myselfs dream that we have been working on for the past few months has come to life!!!,,,it's here and ready to go full force!!!!
Go check out it's home!!

and don't forget to check out our inspiration blog!!~it is fresh outta the plastic surgeons office!!!

I am soooo freaking stoked and excited!!!,,,i'm doing cartwheels!!!,,,check them out,,let me know what you think and if you loved them!!!!

happy new year!!~Nely

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


You have probably hearing all the whispers going on in the blog world about a BIG secret that is being revealed January 1st!!!,,,If you haven't, it's time to jump on the wagon, because let me tell you,,,it's BIG!!!,,,,I want to spill the beans sooo bad,,,but i won't!!,,,I'm not even giving a little clue!!..all you have to do is stay tuned!!! Ally and myself are going on this super fun adventure, and we want you guys to come along for the ride!!!,,,,eeeekkk,,,im sooooo stoked!!! So check in on new years and you will know the big news!!!~and don't forget to check out the pink ninjas on the first as well!!..we are coming back with bad ass nunchuk skillz!!

stay posted~nely!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's been one hectic december month for me!!!,,,do this, do that!!!,,,I have to say though, it has all been very fun activities!!!,,and hanging out with awesome friends!!!,,,I am so excited right now because the countdown for my birthday begins!!!,,,eeeek,,,and i'll be celebrating it in Viva Las Vegas!!!...ohh yeahh!!!,,,and I will be hanging out with awesome friends,,,and I will be seeing Lady Gaga in Concert!!!,,,that's right,,,,oh! and I'll be checking out the Zumanity show!!!,,,i'm so excited!!,,It will for sure be an awesome 30th birthday!!!,,,can't wait!!!,,,so I have taken up crocheting!!,,,i started to learn crocheting when i was young,,my mom tried to teach me but it was a no go!!!,,I have made several attempts to do it again and I feel like this time I have made some serious progress!!!~I really need help though!!,,,if you guys know of any cool sites that have super rad, and super easy tutorials I would love, love for you to share them with me!!,...i'm having a little bit of trouble with the edges!!!,,,I also want to learn different patterns!! you can see, I got a little frustrated,,,hence my Lady Gaga impersonation!!!..hehe,,i crack myself up!!!,,anyhoot, i would love to hear your ideas!!!!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Alright, so i have a lot of *important information* :

1. If you already haven't gone over to the pink ninjas to check out our newest prompt~you must do so....,,hurry!!! It's our last inspiration of the year, and it is totally inspired by miss elsie cake!!!,,,Y?? the last prompt of the year,,,you ask???,,,,well we are doing some major renovation to it!!!,,,and i mean major!,,,We are going to ring in the new year with a bang!!!!

2. We are still having a new design team call!!~~so if you are feeling the magic, go ahead and submit an application!!!~~~it ends *december 21st!!*,,,so you still have time!!!..submit your app to!!!~go here for more info!!!

3. And last but not least!!,,,we will have *sponsor spots* available for the month of January!!!~so if you need a fun way to promote your business send us an email over at By sponsor spot, we mean your business logo up on our sidebar for a full month!!!,,,we have a lot of visitors stop by, so your logo would catch lots of peoples eyes!!!!

4. Lastly,,, after our design team call closes~*december 21st* we will be closing our inspiration blog down till the new year!!!,,(don't stress, it's only like a week) so if you hop on over and there is nothing there, don't get discouraged,,we will be back,,,I promise!!! totally won't be dissappointed~Ninja promise!!!~we will be back January 1st!!

muahahahaha,,,muahahaha~love you guys~nely!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First off, Go check out our Ninja Star Gloria at our ever so fun inspiration blog Pink Ninjas!!,, you can read all her likes and dislikes,,,and what naughty thing she did when she was little!! :-) She truly is an amazing person and such a good soul!!!
Second, our newest inspiration is up!!,,,Miss Gloria chose our inspiration this time around!!...She was inspired by *missy elsie**, and who wouldnt be, she is so darn cute!!!....I made my layout using pink woodgrain paper and a rainbow fabric that I had!!~i glued on some buttons, painted the words and woa la!!,,,actually, it turned out pretty simple, but sometimes simple is good!!!!~~alright, go have fun and show us your *elsie* inspirations!!!

P.S. im going to try a second round of knitting!!..I attempted it in the beginning of the year, but quickly got discouraged...i really want to finish the scarf I started!!!!

P.S.S. I can't wait for the new year!!~there are going to be so many exciting things happening!!!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy News!!!

soooo,,,ummm,,,someone made the design team over at Scrap Outside the Box,,,,,ahem,,,that would be ME!!!!!,,,,eeeek!!!...i'm so excited!!! I feel so special to be a part of this group with an awesome group of ladies!!! go check it out and play along!!!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Got any plans for Sunday???,, my hardcore ninja, sweet pea friend Ally,,(a.k.a goldilocks,,,a.k.a. ally cakes a.k.a elsie serrato) is having a christmas card class this Sunday Dec. 6th @ Pink Pineapple!! the class is @ 1:00pm!!! Call the store to sign up~760-598-2222. We all need to send out those christmas cards out so what better than to go make your own with cute paper and good company!!! It's never a dull party with Ally!!!,,,shes the sweetest ever!!!

Oh!,,and if you can't make it, she has kits available for purchase!! So if you are feeling shy that day, just send her a holla and she will send one your her at!! So no excuses!! Ally would say "get er done"!!!

P.S. I'm taking the class, so hope to see you there!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do you know what today is???,,,it's Pink Ninja Day!!!,,,really, it is!!..,our newest prompt is sponsored by non other than Torendi!!!!,,,excited!,,yea,,you should be, because if you play along you get a chance to win a present!!,..and we all know how much we love presents!!,,,i know i do!! a lot! Plus, you should go check them out!,,,they have cute stuff in their shop! So the prompt is Kawaii!!...which means cute in Japanese!! i wiped the dust off in my scrapbook room and made this layout! niece loves to dj with my husband!..and she's pretty good at it!! So run and play along for your chance to win!...and don't forget we are having a design team call!!! there are many fun surprises to come in the new year!!!