Monday, August 30, 2010

*Ally's Birthday*

as you all may know, my sweet bestest friend turned *30*!!! we have been celebrating all weekend!! yesterday, sunday, we had a relaxed scrapbooking birthday get together. It turned out perfect!!,,the sun was out, there was a cool breeze and we were in great company!! For her birthday we thought it be neat if we got everyone to be part of her birthday, I emailed pictures to some lovelies and they made the most amazing layouts for miss ally!!!,,,she was so happy and touched!!,,she loved it!!,,thank you to all who participated,,it meant a lot, a lot!!!

here is miss ally and miss carrie
miss carrie creating ally's bday layout...
okay, this amazing cake was created by miss carrie and miss gloria!!,,it was delicious and it was beautiful!!,,the inside was rainbow!!,,that's right rainbow!!,,it was perfect!!

and here are the most beautiful pages everyone sent to ally!!,,so awesome!!



me, nely
seriously, thank you all!!,,it's such a wonderful feeling to have met some truly awesome people in the blog world!!,,i feel so much closer to you all!! thank you, thank you!!



Christina said...

looks like you guys had soooo much fun!! i had fun making a layout for ms ally even though i wasn't there it was such a rad idea =D

allyson joy said...

:-) :-) I'm the luckiest girl in the while world to have a friend like you!!!!! thank you so much for being there for every detail of my birthday {starting a few months ago when you first announced this fun project}, thank you for putting everything together, for the perfect little scrap day yesterday, for the pizza, and the cookies, and the corona light, and the new shoes, and the bike basket {so stoked}, and for the chips and dip, and for giving everybody lap dances in Saturday and for everything that you are. you're my favorite in the whole wide world!!! I'm so lucky to have an adorable & perfect bestie like YOU!!!!! thank you lady!!!! love you a lot, a lot!!!

Carrie said...

Yesterday was SO fun!!! Ally is such an awesome girlie....I am SO lucky to have you girls as such great friends!!! Love you both!

<3 Carrie

Michelle said...

Dude. Rainbow cake?? Awesome! Happy birthday to Ally, and what an amazing fit, all those lovely pages! :) Fun!!

Mo said...

that rainbow cake looks yuuuuuummmm! looks like you ladies had a blast! i only hope one day i can visit and play with you all! so happy miss ally loved her layouts! nely, you are such an awesome friend!!!