Sunday, August 15, 2010

cool things from Sketchy Thursdays!!!

Hi everyone!!!,,,as im typing, im realizing how much i miss my blog and how much i have neglected it!!!,,,this for sure has been one crazy summer!!!,,I've been busy beyond belief!!!,,I also don't have any creative juice in me for the moment!!,,i have not taken one single picture this summer!!,,can you believe that!!!,,what is wrong with me!!!,,but i did just purchase an dSLR camera,,so hopefully when it arrives I will go nuts and take lots of pictures!!!!,,,meanwhile, I am here in Palm Springs relaxing by the pool and sleeping in,,,its gonna be hard tommorow when I have to go to work,,,blah!!,,so i hope everyone has had a good summer!!!!
I wanna leave you with this cool thing that Sketchy Thursdays is doing!!!,,,they are featuring cute etsy shops on their blogs!!,,rad right!!?!!!,,,so read along!!!.....
showing our love for crafters

Beginning Sept. 9., Sketchy Thursdays wants to help you show offYOUR Etsy shop! Do you have a crafty store? Do you know someone who does?

We're looking to help promote Etsy sellers with a month of Etsy prizes!! Each Etsy shop sponsor will get this badge for their blog.

If you're interested in being a part of our Etsy sponsorship month, send an e-mail to dianadesigns [at] with a link to your Etsy shop, a short bio about you/your shop, and the prize you'd like to offer up for Sketchy Thursday players.


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