Friday, November 5, 2010

I really, really wanna make one of these!!,,one of these days!

I've been dreaming of making a teepee ever since I saw rachel make one for elsie!,, It just looks like such a dreamy spot to relax and read a book!,, even play with my nieces and nephews!,,im sure they would love it! i promised my husband I wouldn't build one until we moved,,he didn't want to lug more stuff around. But now that the move is getting closer and closer, I'm dreaming of making my very own!!,, speaking of, today they came and picked up my dining room table and coffee table :-( we sold them, since we wont be needing them anymore. It made me really, really sad. So I'm sitting here on the floor where my dining table once stood making this post. But I have to look at the bright side,,I will be moving into a bigger home and it's just a new spot to decorate!!,, I just hate moving,,i'm not looking forward to it at all!!,,but what are you gonna do,,life goes on!!,,,for now, I'll keep dreaming about making my very own teepee!!

photo credit: rachel
photo credit: rachel
photo credit: elsie

I hope you all have an awesome Friday!!,,I'm looking forward to my weekend!!


Carrie said...

what a great dream to have....i know it will be beautiful...and i'm so sorry about you having to move, but i know that you will make this time in your life amazing...just like you!!!!

<3 Carrie

Michelle said...

Ooh - moving is a big adjustment, but it's so fun to have a new space, too! :) Definitely a good chance to make a lovely teepee/fort!! :) Fun!

Toni said...

I am so loving the first tee-pee ... and I would also love to have one. My own personal space to just chill out and read a book .. or have a little nap. Of course I would have to invite my little doggie in there with me. Perfect!