Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like,,,

Christmas!!,,I have to say, next to Halloween, this is my absolute favorite holiday! And I know we haven't even gotten thru Thanksgiving yet, but all the stores seem to be filled with holiday stuff already!! It looks like this year though we aren't gonna have a christmas tree :-( Because of the move and all. It just won't make any sense. But it doesn't mean I can ooh and ahh at everyone elses decorations!! I think my favorite part is driving around at night and just seeing all the homes lit up with Christmas lights!!,,I love it!!,, love this season!!

(all images courtesy via we heart it)

alright, now if I could only get myself to go downstairs and do some scrapbooking!!,,i need some inspiration! Im experiencing a drought.


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Carrie said...

love this post....super cheerful! good luck with your scrapbooking!!!

<3 Carrie