Monday, February 21, 2011

instagram love,,, {photo heavy}

Im in LOVE!!! I'm in love with lots of things/people actually, but today this post is for my love of my iphone!! The instagram app that is!! I never really understood what all the fuss was about with the iphone, but once I got one into my hands, it was love at first sight!! It had me at hello!!
While looking for photo apps, I came across instagram! I immediately fell in love! I love how you can give each photo a certain feel!! So I've been going crazy taking photos of everything/everyone!!
Also, I just found out that there is an instagram 365 project!! So I immediately raised my hand and said, "ooh, ooh, me, me, pick me!!"
In no particular order, here is a weeks worth of instagram photos!!

* t-dad,,love him to pieces
*view outside bedroom window
*my favorite tea shop
*me, right before work
*me with bug eye glasses
* hwy 78
*nephew with broken pinky
*niece with cheesy smile
* me and my bestie! {in case you didn't know, I LOVE her!!}
*rainy day
* a little piece of my craft room

I hope I can share more pictures of my craftroom soon!! I've been working hard on it and it is slowly coming together!!

Happy Monday!! love~nely


allyson joy said...

hi friend - I lve the instagram post - even though I follow you over there - by the way, thanks for sharing that application with me - I LOVE it!!!!!!! love you friend - miss you long time!!!!!
oh yeah - you shoulda put that picture of sam up {the first one on your instagram profile - he looks so handsome}
okay friend - see you Wednesday!!!!!

Carrie said...

eeekkkk! what a fun post!!! i want to come live in each one of those photos.....LOVE!!!

See ya soon ; )

<3 Carrie