Sunday, September 18, 2011

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In the time I have been out of the loop, I've had my blog redesigned by my very talented friend Carrie.  Truth is, I love it.  It's fun and happy and so me.
 On another note, I've been trying to dig and search really deep for some inspiration and motivation.  To be honest, I was getting really tired and bored of the same layouts I was creating.  I noticed that my layouts weren't really telling a story or how i felt during the time the picture was taken.  A few weeks ago I received an email from the Paper Tales telling me that Amy Tangerine was teaching a class.  Lightbulb! 
 I said to myself, "this is just what i need!" 
 So I took it!  Got lots of inspiration and motivation!  I have to say, that her product line is super cute and totally my style!  It feels young and fresh.  
At this moment in time I have the urge to really document things.  During the class, as I made each page, it felt really good to jot down what the picture meant to me. 
 I was like, "Oh my gosh, journaling isn't so bad.  I think I really like this!"
I got home and finished my mini that same day!!  It felt really, really good.  It feels really good to look and feel something tangible that brings back an awesome memory of a fun vacation we had. Nowadays, most of our or my pictures are stored in our laptops.  Remember as kids when our parents had all of our photos in albums!  I really want to go back to that.  So that when Im 50, I can go to my bookshelf and spark up awesome memories and have laughter fits!

Below are some of the pages in my Amy Tangerine mini:

Have an awesome day!


Emily said...

Oh Nely!! I love the new look of the blog!! Totally you and totally cute!!! You are so gorgeous in these photos... as always!! Love the latest project... it rocks girl!!!

Christina said...

first of all! I love the new blog design sooo pretty & soooo you... or what i think you would be like in real life if we hung out =)) 2nd i'm glad you posted your amy tan mini book. i know we talked about it but i'm super excited to see it all. 3rd i'm happy to see that you found some artsy inspo i missed ur scrappy face!! =)) 4th I <3 u!

Love, Carrie said...

Eeek! So excited to read your post today!!! You are an inspiration.....and so beautiful!ion.....and so beautiful!

Love, Carrie said...

Oh, and this mini ROCKS!!!