Saturday, December 6, 2008


Finally!! I'm posting some pics of what I've been up too!! First...

This is a kit i purchased from the wonderful Ally Serrato!!! I love creating her kits!! She always has all these cool doodads. My favorite was this!!

Secondly, I've been working on my very first banner!!! I'm excited how it turned out...I was sure it was gonna be a disaster!!

And last, I was invited to a Christmas Sweater party!! Most people purchase theirs but of course I had to make one. this is what I came up with! I still have to put his top hat on and then it will be done. My husband decided he is doing a light up christmas tree!! I think he has been soldering for about a week!! I even got to use my crop a dile on his!! anywhere i can scrapbook, I'm all for it!!! so thats about it!!

1 comment:

ally serrato said...

no way!! that is the raddest sweater ive ever seen!! can i borrow it??