Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I'm sure everyone has guessed by now that I am a huuuuuge Gwen Stefani, No Doubt fan!!! I am happy to announce that they are going on tour this coming year!!! Yeeeessss!!! I am so freaking excited!! I'm gonna try and make it to all the local shows! Also, another band I like, NOFX is coming in feb. to San Diego!!! I am very excited!! I haven't seen them play in two years!!! When I was younger I use to watch every one of their shows!!! I use to drive all over the place just to watch them!!! I love music and watching a show live is just the most thrilling thing in the world!! I am super excited, I am jumping up and down with joy!!!! Can't wait!!!

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ally serrato said...

heeeeeck yes, another reason i knew you were awesome!! NOFX are one of my favvvvvvs!! and of course gwen and no doubt. ive seen them as many times as i could!! let me know the dates, i have to go too!!! xoxox