Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sweater Party!!!!

Yesterday I went to a tacky christmas party!! So much fun!! the most fun was creating the sweater!!! Most people bought theirs, but of course we had to make ours!!! My friends husband had a grinch themed sweater, she had abominal snowman(sorry, not sure on spelling), I had 3-d snowman, and my husband had a light up christmas tree!!! We were very serious about our sweaters, we wanted so badly to win!!! LOL!!!

Heres my husbands light up sweater!! He spent two weeks deconstructing xmas lights and then putting back together!! He even learned how to!!! He really wanted to be the prize winner!!! LOL!!!

My friend made this cute abominal snowman!! It was awesome~looks just like it!!

So this was last years winning sweater....

And this was this years WINNER!....ME!!! I was glad all my hard work paid I must come up with a better sweater for next year!! So if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!!!

all in all, it was an awesome party! We got to hang out with friends and have an awesome time!!!

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