Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm completely flustered right now!!! I never knew my wonderful day could be turned into a dark gloomy one!!! I was completely blindsided!!! I've never had anyone be so mean to me!!! I won't go into any specific details, but i saddens me that people can be so cruel!!! I feel that they are not happy in their lives so they wish the same upon everyone else..sad :( All I have to say to them is life is too short!!! There is no absolute reason why anyone needs to be mean....uggghh!!! Sorry everyone..I know this is suppose to be a happy blog but man, totally caught me by surprise!!! I'm so thankful to have the awesome happy people in my life!!! I love all my happy people!!

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ally serrato said...

okay, so yesterday i realized that i totally blow up your comments, and decided that i wasnt gonna comment you, like, all the time,,, butttttt,, i had tooooo,,, seriously nely, this same crap just happened to me. monday. same ol nonsense. i hate it so bad. me too, blind sided,, its the worst feeling ive felt in a really long time.... *sigh* what can we do?? just keep being your happy self nely!!! have a good weekend, see you sunday,,,