Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday Fun!!

Yesterday was my nieces birthday and we had loads of fun and laughs!! We were all waiting to see this cake that my brother created (hes a stay at home dad). So he came up with this wonderful idea to bake a cake for her daughter...this coming from a man that has never baked!!! so we were a little worried with what the cake would look at....needless to say, it came out super adorable and was made with lots of love!!! We were all very impressed with his baking!!!
she absolutely loved it and put out the candle with her little hands!!! We were freaking out, but she was just laughing!!!
After cake fun we decided to tape my nephews nose up to his forehead and tape his eyebrows know like a ended up looking like the grinch or a who from whoville...we were rolling on the ground laughing!!!
Then we decided that that wasn't enough so we stuffed him with pillows and blew him up like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka...LOL!! It was hysterical..we threw him on the ground and he was unable to get was pretty funny!!! and he was having a blast!!! Overall, it was a pretty fun time spent with family!!! I loved it!!!

Oh! and my niece was wearing this super cute bow on her head...I loved it!!!

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