Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Layout!!!

Ok, so I've been totally behind on keeping up with my blog (not that too many people read it). But I bought some awesome layout kits from the most awesomeness Ally!! They are super duper easy to construct!! I had a ton of fun making it!!! She absolutely gives you everything to put it together so it has made me get that much closer to my 365 layouts..I'm at 3 right now!! (kinda behind) hehe!! Did I mention that they are Dr. Seuss themed!!! which is like a total bonus..yea!!!

You even get thread to sew your pages!! awesome!! I don't know about everyone but I know that scrapbooking is something to let me get away from the daily grind!! Scrapbooking makes me feel at peace. Even when I'm super drained I'll make a page and it makes me all happy inside...i love it!!

On another note..just a couple of weeks to NOFX concert!!! Yess!!! So excited!!


ally serrato said...

hey, i read you blog!! cute layouts!! are those pictures from bate nut farm?? im shipping out some more layouts for you tomorrow!!! yay!! i so badly want to go see NOFX with you,, :-(

A Sweet Escape said...
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