Thursday, March 5, 2009

OUT OF THE RUT!!! Yes!! I went to Pink Pineapple for my monthly book club meeting and oh my soon as you walk into the store you just feel so inspired!!! They have layouts upon layouts that designers have made..super cute!! not to mention all the cool paper and's all to die for!! love it!! So in the book club, hosted by Fairy Elena, you get a monthly kit, and ooohh my goodness!!, this one is packed with stuff I super adore!!! it's all this cute japanese, kawaii themed stuff...oohh, im so in love!! I already know what I'm gonna do with it and I just can't wait to get started!!! some of the ladies were telling me that they stay up till 4 in the morning scrapbooking..OMG!! Go ladies!! I wish I could do that...i mean, i can but i don't think patients at work would appreciate'll have to try it one of these weekends!! back to book club: i had to make tags, all of them matchy...okay, i have never made tags and it was soo much fun...i just want to keep making them!! so this is what I came up with::

and this is what my space looked like after making them...umm yea..can i get a housekeeper!! cleaning up is not as much fun as creating things!!!

Oh!! one last thing...can i get a WOOT, WOOT!! for Missy Ally!!! She got on the Punk Scrappers
design team...AWESOME!!!! Go Chicky!!

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euphoria said...

YAY for getting your mojo back!! Lovely tags missy!!

Chettos huh? They are a good "scrappin snack" LOL

Have a gret Friday!