Monday, March 16, 2009

a while ago i was in this rut and i couldn't come up with anything i went on a little adventure with my husband, brother and nephew to get me inspired...we didn't know where to go and somehow we ended up at the grand canyon!! OMG!! this place was amazing!! It is nature at it's best!! We were blown away!! Everyone always tells us, oh it's just a canyon no big deal...YEA RIGHT!!! you literally can't absorb it all just stop and think about how earth created this..all on it's own!!! Awesome!! we got there and of course we had to stop right away and take a peek!! this is what you see!! i mean the pic does it no justice! here there is a rail, but thru most of the park there is no railing so your just inches from a 5000ft drop!!
we were lucky to find a campsite on the park..i didn't know but it's a busy season, and we had to stay two nights!! We were in freezing degree weather!!! in the morning we would wake up and there would be ice on our tent!! Our water was completely frozen!!! We originally took seperate tents, but in the end we all ended up huddling together!!

our site was awesome...there was nothing but trees around you!! so beautiful!!
there was elk everywhere!! we also saw deer!! they were so close and not at all afraid of us!! we didn't pet them or anything but they let you stand close and watch them!! so neat!!

On our second day we decided we were gonna go on a hike!! no big deal, you walk down a trail then you come back...yeah right!! this trail descended you down into the canyon!! Apparently it takes a day for you to get all the way to the bottom and one day to come back up! We weren't prepared so we only hiked a third of the way!! it was just spectacular! Here we stopped at a view point..where we are sitting is the edge!!! there is no can't see but i'm holding onto my nephew with a deadly grip!! My poor husband was standing way back about to have a heart attack because we were taking this pic!!
here is where we are just starting the trail..there is no rail just cliff!! but amazing views!! we just kept going was a lot of fun and my nephew is 5, he was a trooper!! He loved it!! the only thing scary is that he would run to look over and we would freak out...i think we had death grip on him the whole way down!! we decided that we are coming back next year and hiking it all the way down..we weren't prepared this time but we will be the next!!

On our way back we stopped at this cute place called bedrock city...omg! it was a little flinstone town!! the houses were made of rock and everything!! It was so cute!! Here we are driving the flinstone car!!!
i got to play on a teeter totter!! i haven't played on one of these since i was a kid!!
we also stopped at this place!! my nephew thought it was a is actually someones home!!! They have an alien theme going in their was pretty neat to see and the people that lived there were really nice too!!

Overall, it was an awesome trip!! totally got me inspired and rejuvenated!! i would recommend it to anyone!!
Here is what I've been working on...they are in the beginning stages and I can't wait to finish them!! soon, I hope!!

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euphoria said...

Whoa Nely! What a rad trip! I SO can't do any of that outdoorsy stuff... looks cool though!

Whatcha got going on with that Bungle Jungle, huh?

See ya next week! So excited!