Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm in a RUT!!! ugh!! I totally feel uninspired...i buy and buy all this cool stuff to scrapbook but I just dont have the creativity to put it together. I see awesome people like this chicky and this other chicky just put awesome creations together and I can't seem to find my style. Ever since i was a little girl i loved making crafts...i didn't have a playhouse, so i made one out of cardboard boxes..I don't know how many times i broke my moms sewing machine when I was making barbie clothes or clothes for myself...I was mexican martha stewart to my friends...i've made all my halloween, i feel like im stuck...i come in my scrapbook room and i just stare at all the stuff.. my sewing machine sits in its feels like I'm losing my creativity.. so i've decided im taking a mini vacation with my husband and family..where there is nothing but mountains and nature...hopefully i can clear my head and get back into my zone!! It would really suck to not be creative anymore!!


ally serrato said...

don't worry about your rut girly,,, it'll be back. Promise. Have fun!!!! :-) {xoxo}

euphoria said...

Mexican Martha Stewart!?!? Love that!

You will come back SO inspired- I know it... we all go through "the rut".

Enjoy your vacation!

How is your scrap room coming along?