Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Time

I spent all Saturday planting a garden!! It was so much fun and more work than I thought!! I've been wanting to plant a garden for such a long time but I didn't have dirt in my when our house flooded, they had to rip up half of the deck to do repairs and I was so excited because there was dirt!!! It wasn't good dirt, so i had to have my expert mom come over and help me!! I would have never guessed that i had to buy dirt from the store and incorporate it with the dirt i had!! in the pic the grey dirt..that's what i had and my mom turned it to that pretty brown dirt!! awesome! I was happy she was there to help me...I would have given up!! Even my nephew came!! he even has a little shovel of his own!!! he knew more about gardening than me!!! and he's only 4!!! didn't i feel dumb!! anyhoot, it came out super cute and I'm super excited to watch it grow!! I planted lettuce, carrots, peas, jalapenos, tomatoes and watermelon!!! Hopefully the bugs and birds don't eat them!! he, he!!

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euphoria said...

cute! Love Springtime! My daughter and I potted some flowers on Saturday- they look so lovely!