Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 Honest things about me!!!

A while back I ran into a blog that stated 10 Honest things about her..(i wish i knew the blog so I could link it)  anyhoot...I thought it would be fun!!! so heres 10 honest things about myself!!! In no particular order!!

1.  I hate shopping!! I only do it out of necessity!!
2.  I can't stand doing the dishes!!  I never do them, my husband does!!  Thanks little one!!
3.  I secretly go to starbucks everyday but my husband only thinks I go once a week, twice at the most!!
4.  I can't stand when people eat and smack their lips!!  Ugh, gross...close your mouth!!
5.  I can't stand when people say they are super broke, but then turn around and buy a 200 dollar purse...makes no sense!!
6.  I thought I loved to do laundry, but found that I can't stand it!!
7.  I can wiggle my ears...most people can't I have found!
8.  I don't like men with muscly bodies...I prefer skinny lanky looking!!!  Like my hubby!!
9.  I love, love, love, candy and cake!!!  Jolly Ranchers are my favorite along with skittles!!! Oh and macadamia torte from Extraordinary Desserts!!  YUM!!!
10.  I dispose of things that haven't been used in a month!!  I trash it and don't even look back!!  

So that was fun!!  Of course there is a million more other things but I'll keep the list short and simple!!!  Can you say 10 honest things about yourself!!


Euphoria said...

Dishes suck butt! My Huzban does them for me too! LOL

ally serrato said...

*you guys are lucky ~ my husband doesnt do the dishes,, or cook!!! whatevs,,,
*okay, so you husband reads your blog ~ right?? now he knows that you a starbucks ninja ~ therefore no longer a starbucks ninja because he knows you sneak,,, not good nely, not good,,, you just threw yourself under the bus big time yo!!!
*totally with you on the smacking of the lips ~ ewww,,,,
*i love laundry.
*i can wiggle my ears too ~ and i have really big ears so i just *one~upped you* ;-D
and now im gonna try this,,, :-D

Toni said...

Well ,, you've totally outed yourself with #3 ,, LOL!! I can also move my ears!!

Have a great day!!!!

A Sweet Escape said...

LOL!! it's okay, he alreay discovered me by the multiple cups I had in the car...oh and awesome that you can wiggle your ears.."oner upper"!! lol!! and Jess that's awesome I guess we oner uppered ally there..ha!!

Euphoria said...

Ally- just read your comment- you are SO funny!!! One upper you!